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Case Studies

Our case studies showcase academic research from across the Department that has had an impact on the world or local community, and feature some of our current academics, research staff, Alumni and students.

Developing pioneering technology to boost aircraft engine efficiency and lifespan

Aircraft engineering

Researchers at the Department of Engineering Science have developed new approaches to cool high pressure blade tips in aviation – which will improve engine efficiency and lifespan, and cut carbon emissions.

RegMetrics: regulatory compliance tool to support medical innovation

Medical device regulation

EPSRC IAA funding has allowed researchers in the Department of Engineering Science to develop a new tool to help innovators navigate medical device regulation – helping to ensure new medical technologies comply with industry requirements and reach patients as fast as possible.

The pistol shrimp’s powerful punch may hold the key to fusion power


Meeting the world’s increasing energy demands with a clean, sustainable and affordable source is no easy task. Find out how Oxford spinout, First Light Fusion, aims to address this challenge with pioneering projectile fusion technology.

Helping to protect endangered sea turtles

DPhil Student

Student Jonas Beuchert is in the final year of a DPhil in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems. He recently tweeted a photo of a sea turtle tracking tag under test in the Kellogg College gardens. Here he talks about his involvement in the development of the tracking device.