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Case Studies

Our case studies showcase academic research from across the Department that has had an impact on the world or local community, and feature some of our current academics, research staff, Alumni and students.

Improving bioreactors used in stem cell therapies

Biomedical Engineering

Oxford chemical and biomedical engineer and Director of the Oxford Centre for Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing Professor Cathy (Hua) Ye has spent years developing technology to support stem cell development. Here she shares more about her latest work to improve the production process.

Alumni profile: Raaghav Krishnakumar


Raaghav studied our undergraduate Engineering Science degree, at Brasenose College, from 2016 to 2020 and now works in the construction industry, at Mace. We spoke to Raaghav about studying at Oxford and what a career in Engineering has been like so far.

Data centre in The Dalles, Oregon. Photo by Tony Webster

Water-guzzling data centres


Data centres accounted for around 1% or 2% of global electricity demand in 2020. All that processing power generates lots of heat, so data centres must keep cool to prevent damage. While some companies are using cool air on mountain sites and Microsoft has used the cold waters of Scotland to experiment with underwater data centres, up to 43% of data centre electricity in the US is used for cooling.

Student Profile: Nwangele Godwin

MSc Student

First inspired to study engineering by his parent’s constant struggle with patchy electricity provision during his childhood in Nigeria, Nwangele Godwin (Emeka) Chukwuemeka is now studying the MSc in Energy Systems at the University of Oxford.