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Dynamic Optics and Photonics

Dynamic Optics and Photonics


Many optical techniques use the properties of light to examine, modify or control objects with 3D precision on the nanometre to micrometre scale.  These techniques rely on the use of high quality optics with the goal of obtaining diffraction-limited operation, working at the physical limits imposed by the wavelength of the light.  Yet in many cases this goal is not achieved as aberrations distort the focus and reduce the resolution of the system. We have developed dynamic optical techniques to overcome these problems.  Our work ranges from adaptive optics for correction of specimen-induced aberrations in microscopy to laser-based three dimensional micro/nano-fabrication of photonic devices.

Our Network

The research group is centred at the Department of Engineering Science and has connections to many other research groups across Oxford, in the United Kingdom and internationally. We are have significant collaborations with Micron Oxford and the Department of Pharmacology. The group is also a member of the Oxford Optics and Photonics Network.

Our work is also closely linked to industry, including to two spin-off companies Aurox Ltd. and Opsydia Ltd., whose work was built upon technology developed in the group.

Adaptive Optics for Microscopy

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