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Computing Infrastructure

Inside a desktop computer

Computing Infrastructure

Electronics inside a desktop computer

Computing Infrastructure

Computing is at the core of today's society, as almost every aspect of day-to-day life depends on digital technology, and data processing in particular. Our group is engaged in a wide range of research aspects related to Computer Engineering, with a focus on building Scalable, Sustainable and Resilient computing infrastructure.

In our research, we use micro-architectures to improve system-scale and application level performance. Examples include using programmable devices to design new data driven accelerator platforms, building high-performance networked-systems, improving power-efficiency in cloud computing, re-imagining server architectures, and more. All our research is implementation-driven, producing working prototypes.

The research group is centred at the Department of Engineering Science and has connections to many other research groups across in the United Kingdom and internationally, and we are also closely linked to industry.

Open source research is at the heart of our work, and we are active in several open source communities. The code developed under different projects, as well as collected datasets, are made available online.

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