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Noa Zilberman, Computing Infrastructure group

Noa Zilberman

Associate Professor in Engineering Science, Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College

Prof Noa Zilberman leads the Computing Infrastructure Group at the Department of Engineering Science.

Her research focuses on the integration of micro-level architectures and macro level, large scale networked-systems. Such research requires a breadth of knowledge and expertise, building upon Zilberman's wealth of academic and industrial experience. Her research interests range from computer architecture, programmable hardware and networking to data science, with a specific interest in the combination of multiple disciplines (and a touch of measurements). Current research buzzwords include sustainable and resilient computing infrastructure, data systems, networked-systems architectures, rackscale computing, in-network computing and in-network machine learning, memories architecture and performance, performance measurements, and others.

Before joining Oxford, Prof Zilberman was a Fellow and an  Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge' Department of Computer Science and Technology, where she was the PI on multiple projects (e.g., CAND, PERF) and the Chief Architect of the NetFPGA project. 

Prof Zilberman has over 15 years of industrial experience. In her last role before moving to academia, she was a Senior Principal chip architect in Broadcom's Network Switching group. Amongst others, she led the hardware development of the first 100Gbps traffic manager, and the architecture of Broadcom's StrataDNX BCM88670

Prof Zilberman received her BSC, MSc, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University. She is a Senior Member of IEEE, Senior Member of ACM and an IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer (2023-2024).

Beyond leading the Computing Infrastructure Group, she is a Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College.

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