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Oxford Green Ammonia TEchnology (OXGATE)

Manuscript Accepted "Exploiting the temporal characteristics of tidal stream power for green ammonia production"

Manuscript Accepted "Optimal fuel supply of green ammonia to decarbonise global shipping"

Manuscript Accepted "Assessing the impact of climate change on the cost of production of green ammonia from offshore wind"

Manuscript Accepted "2023 Roadmap on ammonia as a carbon-free fuel"

Journal Paper Published "Technoeconomic evaluation of offshore green ammonia production using tidal and wind energy: a case study"

Journal Paper Published "Offshore green ammonia synthesis"

Journal Paper Published "Impact of process flexibility and imperfect forecasting on the operation and design of Haber–Bosch green ammonia"

Journal Paper Published "A global, spatially granular techno-economic analysis of offshore green ammonia production"

Journal Paper Published "Assessing the viability of decarbonising India's nitrogenous fertiliser consumption"

Focus Review Published: "Energy Decarbonization via Green H2 or NH3?"

Journal Paper Published: "Impact of grid connectivity on cost and location of green ammonia production: Australia as a case study"

Journal Paper Published: "Optimization of green ammonia distribution systems for intercontinental energy transport"

Shipping containers on ship

Report published in Johnson Matthey Technology Review: "The Position of Ammonia in Decarbonising Maritime Industry: An Overview and Perspectives"

Review Published: "Green ammonia as a spatial energy vector: a review"

Battery and graph

Journal Paper Published: "Quantifying network flexibility requirements in terms of energy storage"

Sunset and pylons

Journal Paper Published: "Ammonia to Power: Forecasting the Levelized Cost of Electricity from Green Ammonia in Large-scale Power Plants"


“India's Green Ammonia Opportunity” workshop (9-11 November 2020) in partnership with CEEW

Book cover in library

Book published: "Techno-Economic Challenges of Green Ammonia as an Energy Vector"

Map of world with annotations

Journal Paper Published: "Forecasting green ammonia production cost around the world"

The Taj Mahal, India

GCRF Grant Awarded: Green Ammonia in India

Wind turbines in field

Oxford Green Ammonia TEchnology (OXGATE)

OXGATE research group is a collaboration between Chemistry and Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Our work includes catalyst development, prototyping, process design, and energy systems modelling related to green hydrogen and ammonia. The group is led by Professor SC Edman Tsang (Chemistry) and Professor René Bañares-Alcántara (Engineering).

Our research touches the full range of innovation from lab bench to business collaboration.