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Chemical and Process Engineering

Chemical and Process Engineering at Oxford


Welcome to Chemical and Process Engineering at Oxford! Our team of academics and researchers are all leaders working at the forefront of their discipline. They work in a wide range of fields which  are relevant to  the greatest technological and societal challenges we face  in the 21st century…..this includes such hot topics as the water-energy-food nexus, decarbonization, resource recovery, sustainability and the circular economy, regenerative medicine,  synthetic biology and biotechnology, and much more.

Our work develops both the fundamentals and applications of Chemical Engineering Science –and it involves both experimental and modelling research. The scope of this work ranges from laboratory studies to real world applications. We collaborate with many other research institutions and with industry.

On these pages, you will find some information about our research portfolio, and the activities of our research groups. You can also discover something about what undergraduate study in chemical and process engineering is like at Oxford!


Please meet the team members here


If you need further information on a particular area, feel free to contact us.