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Tidal Energy Research, Environmental Fluid Mechanics Group

Measuring waves in lab pool

Tidal Energy

The group conducts research into clean, renewable energy generation from tidal flows, and has a variety of active research projects spanning a number of topics:

  • investigation of tidal turbine hydrodynamics and next generation turbine design,
  • investigation of multi-turbine interactions and tidal turbine fence design and performance,
  • resource assessment of tidal energy (see Oceanic Flows).

There are similarities with Wind Energy which is also an active area of research for the group.

The group also organises and hosts the annual Oxford Tidal Energy (OTE) Workshop, which has become an important technical meeting within the tidal stream energy community. There have been seven meetings which now enjoy 70-90 attendees each year from research groups and industry across the UK, Europe, and further abroad. Copies of workshop proceedings can be found on the Workshop page. Our group is multi-disciplinary and includes members from a range of engineering and physical science backgrounds. Further information on the group's research activities can be found under the research section.

Rotors on surface of pool