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Computational Mechanics

Computational Mechanics

Computational Mechanics


This research line focuses on the development and use of computational modelling techniques for many types of materials and structures, ranging from crystalline metals or composite materials to nanoscale structures, brain and neurons. The activities of Dr Antoine Jérusalem and Prof Nik Petrinic involve the development and use of advanced numerical techniques such as massive parallel computation, XFEM, meshless methods, multiphysics codes, multiscale methods, etc.


ASiMoV. Strategic Partnership in Computational Science for Advanced Simulation and Modelling of Engineering Systems. PIs: Nik Petrinic and Antoine Jerusalem

DELICE. Design of Engineered Lightweight Innovative Casings for Engines. PI: Nik Petrinic

FANDANGO. FAN Design And iNtegrity, GO. PI: Nik Petrinic

FANTASTICAL. FAN Testing And STatistical Integrity CALibration. PI: Nik Petrinic

MAGNESIUM. On the mechanisms of plastic deformation in magnesium alloys. PIs: Daniel Eakins and Nik Petrinic