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Computational Mechanics

Computational Mechanics

Computational Mechanics


This research line focuses on the development and use of computational modelling techniques for many types of materials and structures, ranging from crystalline metals or composite materials to nanoscale structures, brain and neurons. The activities of Dr Antoine Jérusalem and Prof Nik Petrinic involve the development and use of advanced numerical techniques such as massive parallel computation, XFEM, meshless methods, multiphysics codes, multiscale methods, etc.


NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre; TBI subtheme (dementia theme).NIHR (2022-2027) PI: Antoine Jerusalem

Prediction of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), a tool for investigation, harm reduction, and violence prevention. Police Star Fund (2022-2023) PI: Antoine Jerusalem

Brain waves in a bio-hybrid chip. John Fell Fund (2022-2023) PI: Antoine Jerusalem

ASiMoV. Strategic Partnership in Computational Science for Advanced Simulation and Modelling of Engineering Systems. PI: Antoine Jerusalem

AWE. Cast uranium fracture studies. PI: Alan Cocks

CARIES. Multi-modal correlative microscopy for understanding the hierarchical structure-function relationships in human dental caries. PI: Alexander Korsunsky

CAVITY. The physics and mechanics of creep cavity nucleation and sintering in energy materials. PI: Alan Cocks

COOL. Transpiration Cooling System. PI: Alan Cocks

CIPS. Modelling the Intergranular gamma prime. PI: Alexander Korsunsky

Dislocation based modelling of deformation and fracture in real engineering alloys. PI: Edmund Tarleton

Dynamic Stress Analysis for the Optimisation of Push Scooters. PI: Edmund Tarleton

ED16. Modelling microstructure evolution, creep deformation and damage development in 316H stainless steel. PI: Alan Cocks

EXMAT. Microstructurally-aware energetic materials modelling. PI: Daniel Eakins

HUMANOID. PI: Antoine Jerusalem

MHI SINTERING. Life Prediction of Thermal Barrier Coatings (Sintering). PI: Alan Cocks

MAGNESIUM. On the mechanisms of plastic deformation in magnesium alloys. PI: Daniel Eakins

MIDAS. Mechanistic understanding of Irradiation Damage in fuel Assemblies. PI: Edmund Tarleton

NeuroPulse. Electrophysiological-mechanical coupled pulses in neural membranes: study of a new paradigm for clinical therapy of nerves. PI: Antoine Jerusalem

RRC. Residual Stress Measurement on Four Coated Ceramic Discs. PI: Alexander Korsunsky

VIANA. PI: Antoine Jerusalem

WELX. Residual stress evaluation will be performed by the FIB-DIC micro-ring-core drilling method (microHD) on the samples containing in-fill welds in the fir tree shank of HP turbine blademade from single crystal superalloy CMSX-4. PI: Alexander Korsunsky