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Solid Mechanics & Materials Engineering: LIMA | Engineering Science Department - University of Oxford


Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy and Analysis

The Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy and Analysis (LIMA) is a unique facility comprising state of the art characterisation equipment allowing simultaneous investigation of the structure-property-composition relationship in materials systems at different length scales. The Laboratory is part of the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. The Group, which has a long tradition in Oxford, initiated by Hooke’s work on the elasticity of springs, leads internationally recognised research in areas including fretting fatigue, residual stress measurement, sintering and cracking and high-strain rate behaviour of materials.

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The instruments are available to all researchers throughout the University and any external users that would benefit from the use of our facility and expertise. For more information, access and potential collaborative research please contact the Facility Manager ( or the Facility Administrator (


8th LIMA Users Meeting

Focus on Soft Tissues – from advanced imaging to simulations

Case study: Knee Meniscus

When: Tuesday, 21st of April 2020

Where: Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

Description : The Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy and Analysis (LIMA) held its 8th Users Club Meeting on Tuesday, 21st of April 2020 at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford from 10.30am (Lecture Room 2, 1st Floor, Thom Building).

The meeting focused on imaging & modelling of soft tissues, with a session focused on the knee meniscus.

The day consisted of two themed sessions with talks from invited speakers.

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