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Solid Mechanics & Materials Engineering: About | Engineering Science Department - University of Oxford

About the Group

Research in Solid Mechanics has a long tradition in Oxford, initiated by Hooke, whose work on the elasticity of springs may be regarded as the foundation of the mechanics of deformable solids.

At present activities spread over a wide field and are strongly focussed towards practical industrial applications.


The University Technology Centre

The UTC was established in 1990 in collaboration with Rolls-Royce plc. with the aim of undertaking strategic and applied research relevant to the company's technology base (power systems providing power for land, sea and air). The centre receives annual infrastructure funding from the company in addition to support for a number of specific projects (listed on the research projects page).

The UTC is one of about 30 such centres funded by the company in the UK & worldwide. The centre is an integrated part of the wider Solid Mechanics & Materials Engineering Group and provides an excellent opportunity for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers to work on industrially relevant problems. Collaboration between the company and the centre is strong and there are frequent meetings and secondments of staff. The current director is Prof David Hills. Details of the research work undertaken in the centre may be found within the research section of the group pages.


Solid Mechanics Group in 2022

Solid Mechanics Group in 2020

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Solid Mechanics Group in 2015

Solid Mechanics Group in 2013