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Civil Engineering full Theses list

Alphabetical Order of Theses in Civil Engineering


Abadie, C.N. 2015 D.Phil. "Cyclic Lateral Loading of Monopile Foundations in Cohesionless Soils"
Adcock, T.A.A. 2009 D.Phil. "Aspects of Wave Dynamics and Statistics on the Open Ocean"
Akponasa, G.A. 1992 D.Phil. "Solution of the Contravariant Shallow Water Equations Using Boundary-Fitted Coordinate Systems"
Albuerne, A. 2016 D.Phil. "Seismic Collapse of Vaulted Structures: Unreinforced Quasi-Brittle Materials and the Case Study of the Brasilica of Maxentius in Rome"
Augarde, C.E. 1997 D.Phil. "Numerical Modelling of Tunnelling Processes for Assessment of Damage to Buildings"
Auton, L. 2018 D.Phil. "Large fluid-driven deformations of porous annuli: solutions via Chebyshev spectral collocation"
Bakis, K.N. 2016 D.Phil. "Active and Passive Aeroelastic Control of Long-Span Suspension Bridges"
Balaam, T. 2020 D.Phil. "Development and calibration of cyclic loading models for monopile foundations in clays"
Barratt, D. 2021 D.Phil. "Local and global features of resonant third-order interactions amongst surface gravity waves"
Bartholomeeusen, G 2003 D.Phil. "Compound Shock Waves and Creep Behaviour in Sediment Beds"
Basagiannis, C.A. 2018 D.Phil. "Seismic Design and Evaluation of Moment Resisting Frames using Elastomeric Dampers"
Been, K. 1980 D.Phil. "Stress-Strain Behaviour of a Cohesive Soil Deposited Under Water"
Bell, R.W. 1991 M.Sc. "The Analysis of Offshore Foundations Subjected to Combined Loading"
Belloni, C. 2013 D.Phil. Hydrodynamics of Ducted and Open-Centre Tidal Turbines
Bin Osman, M.H. 2022 D.Phil. "Unsteady loading on floating horizontal axis tidal turbine"
Bloodworth, A.G. 2002 D.Phil. "Three-Dimensional Analysis of Tunnelling Effects on Structures to Develop Design Methods"
Bonnet, P.A. 2006 D.Phil. "The Development of Multi-Axis Real-Time Substructure Testing"
Boon, C.W. 2013 D.Phil. "Distinct Element Modelling of Jointed Rock Masses: Algorithms and their Verification"
Bowden, R.K. 1988 D.Phil. "Compression Behaviour and Shear Strength Characteristics of a Natural Silty Clay Sedimented in the Laboratory"
Brocklehurst, C.J. 1993 D.Phil. "Finite Element Studies of Reinforced and Unreinforced Two-Layer Soil Systems"
Beuckelaers, W.J.A.P. 2017 D.Phil. "Numerical Modelling of Laterally Loaded Piles for Offshore Wind Turbines"
Burd, H.J. 1986 D.Phil. "A Large Displacement Finite Element Analysis of a Reinforced Unpaved Road"
Byrne, B.W. 2000 D.Phil. "Investigations of suction caissons in dense sand"
Calvert. R. 2020 D.Phil. "Transport of plastic pollution by ocean waves"
Cao, B. 2020 D.Phil. "Hydrodynamic design of multi-rotor tidal array"
Cao, Y. 2017 M.Sc. "Rigid Origami of Thick Panels and Deployable Membranes"
Cassidy, M.J. 1999 D.Phil. "Non-Linear Analysis of Jack-up Structures Subjected to Random Waves"
Chaudhry, A.R. 1994 D.Phil. "Static Pile-Soil-Pile Interaction in Offshore Pile Groups"
Chen, L. 2019 D.Phil. "Design and operation of tidal arrays in channels"
Chen, Y. 2003 D.Phil. "Design of Structural Mechanisms"
Chern. M.-J. 1999 D.Phil. "3-D pseudospectral model of free surface and viscous flows"
Chow, L. 1994 M.Sc. "The Prediction of Surface Settlements Due to Tunnelling in Soft Ground"
Claff, D. 2015 D.Phil. "Pedestrian-induced lateral excitation of footbridges"
Clement, D.E. 2002 D.Phil. "Seismic Analysis of Knee Elements for Steel Frames"
Consul, C.A. 2011 D.Phil "Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Tidal Cross-Flow Turbine"
Cooke, S. 2016 D.Phil. "Enhanced Array Design for Tidal Power Generation"
Coop, M.R. 1987 D.Phil. "Axial Capacity of Driven Piles in Clay"
Cotter, O. 2009 D.Phil. "The Installation of Suction Cassion Foundations for Offshore Renewable Energy Structures"
Crompton, P.R. 1999 M.Sc. "Assessment of Design Procedures for Structural Glass Beams"
Cruz Leon, S. 1997 D.Phil. "Numerical Solution of the Shallow Water Equations on Quadtree Grids"
Dash, S.R. 2010 D.Phil. "Lateral Pile-Soil Interaction in Liquefiable Soils"
Draper, S. 2011 D.Phil. "Tidal Stream Energy Extraction in Coastal Basins"
Del Gobbo, G.M. 2017 D.Phil. "Placement of Fluid Viscous Dampers to Reduce Total-Building Seismic Damage"
Delport, T.M.A. 2022 D.Phil. "Characteristics and analysis of an Open-loop Ground Source Heating System"
Deng, J. 2013 M.Sc "A type of Novel Energy Harvesting Device"
Dong, Y. 2014 D.Phil. "Advanced Finite Element Analysis of Deep Excavation Case Histories"
Dunne, H.P. 2017 D.Phil "Finite Element Limit Analysis of Offshore Foundations on Clay"
Dyer, M.R. 1985 D.Phil. "Observation of the Stress Distribution in Crushed Glass with Applications to Soil Reinforcement"
Ehland, A. 2009 D.Phil. "Vibrations of precast and partially prestressed floor systems under moving loads"
Elder, D. McG. 1985 D.Phil. "Stress-Strain and Strength Behaviour of Very Soft Soil Sediment"
Ettema, S. 2022 D.Phil. "Novel turbine fence optimisation using lateral flow constraint"
Evans, K.M. 1987 D.Phil. "A Model Study of the End Bearing Capacity of Piles in Layered Calcareous Soils"
Falati, S. 1999 D.Phil. "The contribution of non-structural components to the overall dynamic behaviour of concrete floor slabs"
Fannin, R.J. 1986 D.Phil. "Geogrid Reinforcement of Granular Layers on Soft Clay - a Study at Model and Full Scale"
Ferrer, E. 2012 D.Phil. "A high order Discontinuous Galerkin - Fourier incompressible 3D Navier-Stokes solver with rotating sliding meshes for simulating cross-flow turbines"
Firdaus, A. 2021 D.Phil. "Assessment of tidal power opportunities in Indonesian waters"
Fleming, C.F. 2014 D.Phil. "Tidal Turbine Performance in the Offshore Environment"
Garcia Espinosa, M. 2018 D.Phil. "Risk estimation of rocking components subjected to ground motions"
Gardner, T.N. 1988 D.Phil. "The Acoustic Properties of Gassy Soil"
Gattas, J. 2013 D.Phil. "Quasi-static impact of foldcore sandwich panels"
Gao, C. 2017 M.Sc "Analysis of storm surge and tidal resonance in the Bristol channel"
Gao, J. 2019 D.Phil. "Origami-inspired honeycombs as energy absorbing materials"
Greaves, D.M. 1995 D.Phil. "Numerical modelling of laminar separated flows and inviscid steep waves using adaptive hierarchical meshes"
Green, D.W.R. 1983 D.Phil. "A Wind Tunnel Study of Flow Over Hills"
Grey, M. 2006 M.Sc "Finite Element Seismic Analysis of Guyed Masts"
Grice, J.R. 2013 D.Phil. "Prediction of Extreme Wave-Structure Interactions for Multi-Columned Structures in Deep Water"
Gue, S.S. 1984 D.Phil. "Ground Heave Around Driven Piles in Clay"
Gumley, S.J. 1981 D.Phil. "Tubing Systems for the Measurement of Fluctuating Pressures"
Harbottle, M.J. 2003 D.Phil "The Use of Electrokinetics to Enhance the Degradation of Organic Contaminants in Soils"
Hao, T. 2008 D.Phil. "Enhanced Radio Detection of Buried Assets"
Hazell, E. 2008 D.Phil. "Numerical and experimental studies of shallow cone penetration in clay"
He, Yiling 2016 MSc. "Application of a numerical-based soil reaction curve method for design of laterally loaded monopiles"
Higgins, C.J. 2020 D.Phil. "Surface wave-induced Eulerian-mean flows in the open ocean"
Houlston, P.J. 2019 DEng "Numerical modelling of laterally loaded piles in clay"
Hunter, W. 2015 D.Phil. "Actuator disk methods for tidal turbine arrays"
Jenkins, L. 2019 D.Phil. "Fluid injection and migration in layered aquifers"
Joseph, T. 2018 D.Eng. "Axial response of offshore jacket piles supporting wind turbines"
Kaar, E.T. 1991 D.Phil. "Curvilinear Systems Modelling of Pollutant Transport in Shallow Waters"
Kim, S.-H. 1996 D.Phil. "Model Testing and Analysis of Interactions between Tunnels in Clay"
Kong, D. 2015 D.Phil. "Large displacement numerical analysis of offshore pipe-soil interaction on clay"
Kuribayashi, K. 2004 D.Phil. "A Novel Foldable Stent Graft"
Lam, C. 2011 D.Phil. "Properties and applications of polymer support fluids in geotechnical engineering"
Lamata Martinez, I. 2014 D.Phil. "The Integration of Earthquake Engineering Resources"
Lee, K. 1979 D.Phil. "An Analytical and Experimental Study of Large Strain Consolidation"
Lee, M. 2000 M.Sc. "An experimental and Analytical Study of Electrokinetic Consolidation"
Lengyel, A. 2002 D.Phil. "Analogy between Equilibrium of Structures and Compatibility of Mechanisms"
Letchford, C.W. 1987 D.Phil. "Pneumatic Averaging and its Application in Wind Engineering"
Likitlersuang, L. 2003 D.Phil. "A Hyperplasticity Model for Clay Behaviour: an Application to Bangkok Clay"
Lintern, D.G. 2003 D.Phil. "Influences of Flocculation on Bed Properties for Fine-Grained Cohesive Sediment"
Li, Y. 2015 M.Sc "Lateral Buckling of On-bottom Pipelines in Sand"
Li, Y. 2016 D.Phil. "Thin-Walled Structures for Energy Absorption"
Liu, G. 1997 D.Phil. "Numerical Modelling of Damage to Masonry Buildings Due to Tunnelling"
Love, J.P. 1985 D.Phil. "Model Testing of Geogrids in Unpaved Roads"
Ma, J. 2011 D.Phil. "Thin-walled tubes with pre-folded origami patterns as energy absorption devices"
Ma, Q. 2020 D.Phil. "Impact of barrages on extreme water levels in the Bristol Channel"
Macaro, G. 2015 D.Phil. "Distinct element modelling of pipe-soil interaction for offshore pipelines on granular soils"
Makhzan Ojaghi, S.M. 2010 D.Phil. "The Development of Real-Time Distributed Hybrid Testing for Earthquake Engineering"
Malloy, R. 2018 D.Phil. "Development of procedures for real-time hybrid simulation and testing of a buckling-restrained braced structure"
Mangal, J.K. 1999 D.Phil. "Partially Drained Loading of Shallow Foundations on Sand"
Marshall, B.J. 1999 D.Phil. "Wind Flow Structures and Wind Forces in Forests"
Marshall, M.A. 1998 D.Phil. "Pipe-Jacked Tunnelling: Jacking Loads and Ground Movements"
Martin, C.M. 1994 D.Phil. "Physical and Numerical Modelling of Offshore Foundations Under Combined Loads"
Marwood, R. 1996 D.Phil. "An Investigation of Conical Roof-Edge Vortices"
May, R.E. 1987 D.Phil. "A Study of the Piezocone Penetrometer in Normally Consolidated Clay"
Mayall, R. 2019 D.Eng. "Monopile response to scour and scour protection"
McAdam, R. 2011 D.Phil. "Studies into the Technical Feasibility of the Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine"
Melin, N. 2004 D.Phil. "Application of Bennett Mechanisms to Long-Span Shelters"
Minson, A.J. 1993 D.Phil. "Use of Laser Doppler Anemometer Measurements near Model Buildings to Determine Wind Loading on Building Attachments"
Modenese, C. 2013 D.Phil. "Numerical Study of the Mechanical Properties of Lunar Soil by the Discrete Element Method"
Mohd Haniffah, M.R. 2013 D.Phil. "Wave evolution on gentle slopes - statistical analysis and Green-Naghdi modelling"
Morris, J.D. 1999 D.Phil. "Physical and Numerical Modelling of Grouted Nails in Clay"
Muchala, S. 2017 D.Phil. "Impact of Tidal Turbine Support Structures on Realizable Turbine Farm Power"
Murugaratnam, K. 2014 D.Phil. "A refined numerical modelling technique for Shot Peening"
Nageswaran, S. 1983 D.Phil. "Effects of Gas Bubbles on the Sea-Bed Behaviour"
Neild, S.A. 2001 D.Phil. "Using Non-Linear Vibration Techniques to Detect Damage in Concrete Bridges"
Nelmes, S.J. 1999 D.Phil. "Design of Shelterbelts"
Ngo-Tran, C.L. 1996 D.Phil. "The Analysis of Offshore Foundations Subjected to Combined Loading"
Nguyen, G.D. 2005 D.Phil. "A Thermodynamic Approach to Constitutive Modelling of Concrete using Damage Mechanics and Plasticity Theory"
Nguyen-Sy, L. 2005 D.Phil "The Theoretical Modelling of Circular Shallow Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines"
Nhleko, S. 2011 D.Phil. "Human-induced Lateral Excitation of Assembly Structures"
Norris, P. 1992 D.Phil. "The Behaviour of Jacked Concrete Pipes During Site Installation"
Nutt, N.R.F. 1993 D.Phil. "Development of the Cone Pressuremeter"
Nyirenda, Z.M. 1990 D.Phil. "Piezocone Studies in Lightly Overconsolidated Soil"
Ohl, C. 1999 D.Phil. "Free Surface Disturbances and Non-Linear Run-Up Around Offshore Structures"
O'Mahony, M.M. 1990 D.Phil. "Recycling of Materials in Civil Engineering"
Orszaghova, J. 2011 D.Phil. "Solitary Waves and Wave Groups at the Shore"
Palmeira, E.M. 1987 D.Phil. "The Study of Soil Reinforcement Interaction by Means of Large Scale Laboratory Tests"
Park, K.-Y. 1999 D.Phil. "Quadtree Grid Numerical Model of Nearshore Wave Current Interaction"
Parkinson, H.G. 1987 D.Phil. "Measurements of Wind Flow Over Models of a Hill"
Pedley, M.J. 1990 D.Phil. "The Performance of Soil Reinforcement in Bending and Shear"
Pena Duarte, M.A. 2007 D.Phil. "Foam as a soil Conditioner in Tunnelling: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Conditioned Sands"
Pickhaver, J.A. 2006 D.Phil. "Numerical Modelling of Building Response to Tunnelling"
Porter, M.I. 2001 D.Phil. "Aspects of Structural Design with Glass"
Portka, M.A. 2022 D.Phil. "Reconfigurable origami structures"
Psomas, S. 2001 M.Sc. "Properties of Foam/Sand Mixtures for Tunnelling Applications"
Richards, I. 2019 D.Phil. "Monopile foundations under complex cyclic lateral loading"
Ripley, K.J. 1989 D.Phil. "The Performance of Jacked Pipes"
Rose, T.P. 2014 M.Sc. "Solid Bulk Shipping: Cargo Shift, Liquefaction and the Transportable Moisture Limit"
Royston, R. 2018 D.Phil. "Investigation of soil-structure interaction for large diameter caissons"
Rutledge, K.W. 1984 D.Phil. "Wind Tunnel Modelling of Buoyant Plumes"
Saalehi, A. 1996 D.Phil. "Quadtree-based finite element modelling of laminar separated flow past a cylinder"
Sandford, R.J. 2012 D.Phil. "Lateral Buckling of High Pressure/High Temperature On-Bottom Pipelines"
de Santa Maria P.E.L 1988 D.Phil. "Behaviour of Footings for Offshore Structures under Combined Loads"
Saperstein, L.W. 1967 D.Phil. "The Dynamics of Granular Solids"
Schluntz, J. 2014 D.Phil. "Tidal Turbine Array Modelling"
Schnaid, F. 1990 D.Phil. "A Study of the Cone- pressuremeter Test in Sand"
Schupp, J. 2009 D.Phil. “Upheaval buckling and flotation of buried offshore pipelines”
Serhadlioglu, S. 2014 D.Phil. "Tidal Stream Resource Assessment of the Anglesey Skerries and the Bristol Channel"
Sharma, R.S. 1998 D.Phil. "Mechanical Behaviour of Unsaturated Highly Expansive Clays"
Shi, X. 2020 D.Phil. "Robust frameworks for the observability and lie symmetries of structural dynamical systems"
Sim, J.H.H. 2006 D.Phil. "Human-Structure Interaction in Cantilever Grandstands"
Smith, M.G. 1993 D.Phil. "A Laboratory Study of the Marchetti Dilatometer"
Swee, J.L.K. 1991 D.Phil. "Pipebursting: Model Tests"
Suryasentana, S. 2018 D.Phil. "Time-critical design methods for suction caisson foundations"
Tang. T. 2020 D.Phil. "On the probability and averaged shape of extreme water waves"
Tapper, L. 2013 D.Phil. "Bearing Capacity of Perforated Offshoure Foundations under Combined Loading"
Tasker, M.N. 1987 D.Phil. "The Effect of Heat Transfer on the Dispersion of Cold Dense Gases"
Teh, C.I. 1987 D.Phil. "An Analytical Study of the Cone Penetration Test"
Tei, K. 1993 D.Phil. "A Study of Soil Nailing in Sand"
Thomas, S.D. 1988 D.Phil. "The Consolidation Behaviour of Gassy Soil"
Thompson, R.S.G. 1996 D.Phil. "Development of Non-Linear Numerical Models Appropriate for the Analysis of Jack-up Units"
Turnbull, M. 1999 D.Phil. "The Numerical Modelling of Steep Waves Interacting With Structures"
van Damme, M. 2014 D.Phil. "Modelling Embankment Breaching due to Overflow"
Villalobos Jara, F.A. 2006 D.Phil. "Model Testing of Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines"
Vogel, C. 2014 D.Phil. "Theoretical Limits to Tidal Stream Energy Extraction"
Walker, A. 2012 D.Phil. "Extrusion Processing of Chocolate Crumb Paste"
Wang, T. 2017 M.Sc. "Application of combined power and thrust capping to tidal turbine farms"
Wimshurst, A. 2018 D.Phil. "Tip Flow Corrections for Horizontal Axis Wind and Tidal Turbine Rotors"
Wheeler, S.J. 1986 D.Phil. "Stress-Strain Behaviour of Soils Containing Gas Bubbles"
White, J.R.F. 2020 D.Phil. "A laboratory investigation into the behaviour of sand at low confining stresses"
Whittle, J.K. 2011 D.Phil. "Strategic placement of viscous dampers for seismic structural design"
Whyte, S. 2020 D.Eng. "Development, implementation, calibration and use of practical constitutive models in finite element analysis of offshore foundations"
Wilde, G.S. 2011 D.Phil. "Measurement of Human Lens Stiffness for Modelling Presbyopia Treatments"
Williams, D.M. 2000 D.Phil. "Numerical Modelling of Real Time Sub-Structure Testing"
Williams, E.S. 2014 D.Phil. "Upheaval Buckling of Offshore Pipelines Buried in Loose and Liquefiable Soils"
Wilson, J. 1970 D.Phil. "Forces Exerted on Solid Bodies Moving Through Cohesionless Soils"
Wisser, C. 2002 D.Phil. "Numerical Modelling of Tunnel Installation and Compensation Grouting"
Xia, Y. 2017 D.Phil. "Novel self-expanding stent retractors for neuroendoscopy"
Yang, Y. 2020 D.Phil. "Modular origami-inspired kinematic metamaterials"
Yao, M. 1996 M.Sc. "A Study of the Effect of Length to Diameter Ratio on the Results of Pressuremeter Tests"
Yiu, W.N. 2018 D.Phil "Finite Element Analysis of Short-Term and Long-Term Building Response to Tunnelling"
Yu, H.S. 1990 D.Phil. "Cavity Expansion Theory and its Application to the Analysis of Pressuremeters"
Zhang, B. 2017 D.Phil. "Bistable and Mutli-stable Thin-Walled Structures"
Zhao, T. 2014 D.Phil "Investigation of Landslide-Induced Debris Flows by the DEM and CFD"
Zhou, J.-Q. 1998 D.Phil. "Numerical Analysis and Laboratory Test of Concrete Jacking Pipes"
Zilic de Arcos, F.  2021 D.Phil. "Hydrodynamics of highly-loaded axial flow tidal rotors"