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Environmental Engineering Group Publications

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Selected Publications

  • Hery M, Singer AC, Kumaresan D, Bodrossy L, Sralis-Pavese, Prosser Jl, Thompson IP, Murrell JC (2008).  Effect of earthworms on the community structure of active methanotrophic bacteria in landfill cover soil.  ISME Journal 2, 92-104.
  • Harbottle  MJ, Lear G, Sills GC & Thompson IP (2009). Enhanced biodegradation of pentacholorophenol in unsaturated soil using reversed field electrokinetics.  Journal of Environmental Management 90, 1893-1900.
  • Song YZ, Li GH, Thirnton SF, Thompson IP & Huang W (2009).  Optimisation of bacterial whole cell bioreactors for toxicity assay of environmental samples.  Environmental Science & Technology 43, 7931-7938.
  • Brown JRM,, Thompson IP, Paton GI and Singer AC (2009)  Enhanced biotransformation of TCE using plant terpenoids in contaminated groundwater.  Letters in Applied Microbiology 49, 769-774.
  • Sile-Lopez J, Li QA & Thompson IP (2010).  Biorefinery of waste orange peel.  Critical Reviews of Biotechnology 30, 63-69.
  • Li QA, Siles JA & Thompson IP (2010).  Succinic acid production from orange peel and wheat straw by batch fermentations of Fibrobacter succinogenes S85.  Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology 88, 671-678.
  • Barnes RJ, Riba O, Gardner MN &Thompson IP (2010). Inhibition of biological TCE and sulphate reduction in the presence of Iron nanoparticles.  Chemosphere 80, 554-562.
  • Barnes RJ, Riba O, Gardner MN &Thompson IP (2010).  Optimisation of nano-scale nickel/Iron particles for the reduction of high concentration chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbon solutions. Chemosphere 79, 448-545.
  • Barnes R, Dobson P, Prosser JI, van der Gast CJ, Riba O & Thompson IP (2010) The impact of nano-scale iron on river water microbial communities.  Journal of Hazardous Materials 184, 73-80.
  • Molina R, Al-Salama Y, Jurkschat K & Thompson IP (2011).  Potential environmental influence of amino acids on the behaviour of ZnO nanoparticles.  Chemosphere 83, 545-551.
  • Johnson AC, Bowes MJ, Crossley A & Thompson IP (2011).  As assessment of the fate, behaviour and environmental risk associated with sunscreen TiO2 nanoparticles in the UK field scenarios.  Science of the Total Environment 409, 2503-2510.
  • Jagadevan S, Dobson P, Thompson IP (2011).  Harmonisation of chemical and biological process in development of a hybrid technology for treatment of recalcitrant metal working fluids.  Bioresource Technology 102, 8783-8789.
  • Riba O, Barnes RJ, Scott TB & Thompson IP (2011). Enhanced reactivity of nanoscale iron particles through a vacuum annealing process. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13, 4591-4601.
  • Orgeta-Calvo, JJ, Rodrigo M, Jimenez-Sanchex C & Thompson IP (2011) Bacterial tactic responses to silver nanoparticles.  Environmental Microbiology Reports 3, 526-534.
  • Kumaresan D, Hery M, Bodrossy K, Murrell C. & Thompson IP (2011). Earthworm activity in a simulated landfill cover soil shifts the community composition of active methanotrophs.  Research in Microbiology 162, 1027-1032.
  • Jagadevan S, Manickam J, Dobson P &Thompson IP (2012).  A novel nano-zerovalent iron oxidation- biological degradation approach for remediation of recalcitrant waste metal working fluids.  Water Research 46, 2395-2404.