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Field monitoring equipment, Geotechnical Engineering

Field Monitoring

Field monitoring equipment

  • 4 channel fibre Bragg grating interrogator
  • 8 channel fibre Bragg grating interrogator
  • Custom FBG-based load cells
  • Spools of stock fibre Bragg gratings for laboratory and field applications
  • Multiple CompactDAQs (National Instruments) with voltage, current and strain gauge measurement capabilities
  • Multiple CompactRIO (National Instruments) real-time controllers
  • Miscellaneous electrical-based load cells, pressure sensors and accelerometers
  • Bespoke liquid level detection system
  • Multiple vibrating wire strain gauge loggers (Soil Instruments) with FTP communication capabilities
  • Wireless nodes and gateways for vibrating wire measurement
  • Embedment-type and weldable vibrating wire strain gauges
  • Multiple laboratory actuation systems
  • Handheld surface roughness meter