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Academic Alumni

Academic Staff Members

The late Professor Peter Wroth was Professor of Engineering Science at Oxford from 1979 to 1990.

Dr George Milligan [ex University Lecturer] is now retired, having worked for the Geotechnical Consulting Group after Oxford.

Prof Gilliane Sills [ex University Lecturer and Professor of Engineering Science] is now retired.

Prof Simon Wheeler [ex Research Student and University Lecturer] is Cormack Professor of Civil Engineering at Glasgow University.


Departmental Lecturers

Dr Charles Augarde [ex Research Student/Research Assistant/Departmental Lecturer] is a Professor in Civil Engineering, Department of Engineering, Durham University.

Prof Subhamoy Bhattarcharya [ex Departmental Lecturer] is a Chair in Geomechanics at the University of Surrey.

Dr Stefano Utili [ex Departmental Lecturer] is a Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at Newcastle University.


Research Fellows

The late Prof Scott Sloan [ex Junior Research Fellow at New College] was a Laureate Professor at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Dr Richard Jewell [ex Research Fellow] is a Senior Consultant at Fugro Engineers SA in Belgium.