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MATLAB Support

The University pays for technical support direct from MathWorks, the creators of MATLAB. Students can get support with the installation and activation of MathWorks products. Staff can get help with these and other technical issues.

Our MathWorks Educational Success Engineer, Rory Adams, can give free consultations to anyone at the University that is using MATLAB & Simulink for their teaching or research projects. To connect with Rory, and other users of MathWorks products across the University post in the MATLAB User Group.

Each Department/College/Group in the University also has a MATLAB Representative, who should be able to provide technical support or connect you with other users in your local area.  

How can I access MathWorks technical support?

Students get support for installation and activation. Staff can access support for any query related to MathWorks products. To create a service request with MathWorks, you need the license number.

The MATLAB command 'license' will give you the Oxford license number. If MATLAB is not working, look at your account page on the MathWorks web site to get the license number. If you have not set up an account, you can do this using your SSO via the MathWorks Portal for University of Oxford.

How can I access peer support from other MATLAB users?

You can contact your Local MATLAB Representative, who may be able to offer support.

You can join the MATLAB User Group to contact other users of MathWorks products (e.g. MATLAB/Simulink/Grader) across the University.

The MathWorks Support Page offers the ability to search all support resources. This can be a good way to get help with MATLAB as there are so many different resources available. There is the official documentation, an online question and answer forum ‘MATLAB Answers’ and even blogs.

Where to find help:

  • MATLAB Documentation
    The MATLAB Documentation details all MATLAB functionality. It offers examples of how each function works and introductions to toolboxes. If you are having difficulty getting a function to work, then reading the documentation is a good place to start.

  • MATLAB Answers
    MATLAB Answers is an on online community where you can ask questions, and experienced MATLAB users can offer answers. There are years of questions stored on here, and it is very likely that someone has asked your question before. Make sure you use the search function before posting.