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Principle Investigator

Prof Charles W Monroe

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Group Admin Manager

Helen Crockford


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Zeyang Geng

PhD Chalmers University of Technology, 2022

[Email] [LinkedIn]

Dr Amangeldi Torayev

PhD University of Cambridge, 2019

[Email] [LinkedIn] [Bio] 

Dr Maxim Zyskin

PhD Rutgers University


Graduate Students

Andrew A Wang

4th-year DPhil student

[Email] [LinkedIn] [Bio]

Alexander Van-Brunt

4th-year DPhil student

[Email] [LinkedIn]

Taeho Jung

3rd-year DPhil student

[Email] [Bio]

Rohit Rungta

1st-year DPhil student

[Email] [LinkedIn]


Dr Kirk P Smith 

DPhil 2022, Symmetric Nonaqueous Flow Batteries with Porous Separators

[Email] [LinkedIn] [Bio]

Dr Guanchen Li 

Postdoc 2017-2022 (University of Glasgow)

[Email] [LinkedIn]

Dr Jie Lin

Postdoc 2018-2021 (UCL)

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Dr Howie N Chu

DPhil 2021, Characterization of coupled transport phenomena in large-format lithium-ion batteries (ICL Group)


Dr Priyamvada Goyal

DPhil 2019, Trasport models for non-isobaric electrolytes (Berkeley Lab)

Dr Tianhong (Saber) Hou

DPhil 2019, Characterisation of Transport and Thermodynamic Properties for Various Binary Electrolytes (Huawei)

Dr James Saraidaridis
DPhil 2017, Analysis and performance of symmetric nonaqueous redox flow batteries (RTRC)

Undergraduate/Masters Students

Sara Helin (2022) MEng

Aaron Chen (2021) MEng

Andrew Huang (2021) MPhys

Cristian Bourceanu (2018-2019) MEng

Luke Petit (2018-2019) MEng


Delia Persa (2022) MEng

Emmanuelle Hagopian (2021) MS, Chem

Tina Mu (2021) MEng

Joshua Ilelaboye (2021) MEng