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Research in the Thermal Propulsion Systems Group, Department of Engineering Science University of Oxford - Thermal Propulsion Systems; Diesel engine combustion and emissions

Diesel engine combustion and emissions

The Group's research activities on diesel engine combustion and emissions have at their heart a major collaborative research program with Jaguar Land Rover.  From 2014-19 the group hosted the University of Oxford/Jaguar Land Rover "Centre of Excellence for Compression Ignition Engine Combustion Research".

The Centre supported both experimental and numerical research with a strong focus on enabling improvements in efficiency and emissions on next generation engines by extending the scientific knowledge. Our state-of-the-art engine test facility, developed in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, for six years supported JLR diesel research. 


A single-cylinder version of the JLR AJ200D "Ingenium" engine, which was very highly instrumented, was used to run experiments in a wide variety of prototype specifications. Measurements within the Centre were performed to exacting standards and much of the research focused on the development of new or improved measurement techniques in order to provide unique data sets for model development and validation.

Much of the work that we performed in the Centre was necessarily confidential; however, much of the work is available in publications, which are listed below.

Principal Investigator:

Dr Martin Davy


Professor Richard Stone, Dr Ben Williams

Post-Doctoral Researcher:

Dr Felix Leach (2014-18)


Liyah Dholiwar (Engine test technician 2016-18)

Nick Papaioannou (Engines lab manager 2018-present)

Graduate Research Students:

Nick Papaioannou, Riyaz Ismail

Funding and Support:


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