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The Microscopists: Peter O'Toole talks to Professor Tony Wilson

A podcast from Bitesize Bio and ZEISS Microscopy

Tony Wilson speaking at an event

In this podcast, Engineering Science long-serving academic, Oxford Alumni and pioneer of the confocal microscope Professor Tony Wilson chats to Peter O'Toole.

Tony talks about his passion for cattle, his Jaguar and Yorkshire cricket, and how finding life scientists to try this ‘new’ technique was not as simple as you may now think. It is an intriguing insight into the process of transforming a concept into a technique without which (arguably) several Nobel prizes may never have come to be. Beyond the confocal microscope, Tony also talks about the tribulations and opportunities he experienced in creating a spin-out company. A fascinating chat that captures the person and the science behind a vital development in the world of microscopy.

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Courtesy of Bitesize Bio and ZEISS Microscopy