Jenkin Lectures

The Department's annual event for its alumni is the Jenkin lecture, which is held in September and has been enjoyed by numerous alumni over the years. Here is a flavour of a few …

Previous events

2013: Weather and climate prediction: science and application across timescales (Dr Andy Brown)

2012: Flight-testing the A380 - from first flight to certification (Frank Chapman)

2011: Wind energy and its part in electricity generation in the future (Andrew Garrad)

2010: Liquid crystal displays - some surprising contributions from the UK (Professor Peter Raynes)

2009: Airborne Surveillance Rarad (Simon Watts)

2008: Control and the Coriolis Mass-flow meter (Professor David Clarke)

2007: Law and Engineering: resolution of technology disputes (Sir Vivian Ramsey)

2006: Railways: The Technical Challenges of their Renaissance (Rod Smith)

2005:  Some Engineering Concepts applied to Ancient Greek Trireme Warships (John Coates)

2004: Bubbles (Dr David Kenning)

2003: Oil Production: from Nitroglycerine to Fibre-optics (Paul Martins)

2002: Engineering, Management and Aircraft (Martyn Hurst)

2001: The Engineering Don (Professor Carlos Ruiz)

2000: The Interface between Civil Engineering and Business (Roger Sainsbury)

1999: Educating Engineers - are we getting any better at it? (Mr David Witt)

1998: Orthopaedic Engineering (Professor John O'Connor)

1997: Forensic Engineering - Feedback for Design (Peter Lindsell)

1996: Echo-Location by Bats and Radar: Evolution and Intention for Survival (Professor Ted Paige)

1995: Immersed Tube Tunnels (David Culverwell)

1994: Aerodynamics at Oxford (Professor Terry Jones)

1993: An Engineering View of the Development of Management Studies (Clark Brundin)

1992: Robotics and Image Processing (Professor Mike Brady)

1991: The Channel Tunnel: Design and Construction (Hugh Norie)

1990: Down to Earth at Oxford (Professor Peter Wroth)

1989: Offshore Engineering (Brian Cook)

1988: A Century of Oxford Engineering (Dr Alastair Howatson)