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Noble Group

Noble Group

Welcome to the Noble Group website

The Noble Group is led by Professor Alison Noble OBE FRS FREng. Our research interest is in biomedical image analysis, spanning cardiac magnetic resonance image analysis, to fetal ultrasound image analysis, to cell image analysis.

A particular focus for the group has been understanding the interplay of ultrasound device design (physics), clinical acquisition, and downstream image analysis and computer vision. Much of our recent work has concerned machine learning in ultrasound. We are interested in answering questions such as why is ultrasound scanning and interpretation hard to learn? How can we get computers to mimic what a skilled sonographer can do? What is the role of multi-modal analysis (such as eye-tracking and ultrasound video) in ultrasound imaging? And, can ultrasound be simplified (assisted by AI-assistive technologies) so that minimally trained clinical professionals can use it in non-traditional healthcare settings. Our research is motivated by unmet important clinical needs in developed world and developing world settings, and involves inter-disciplinary translational research collaborations with clinical groups from the UK and overseas.

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