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Welcome to 2021/22 Academic Year

Hellos, goodbyes and updates

Welcome to the 2021/22 academic year!

We are welcoming four new members to our group:

Dr Damu Ding is a post-doctroal Research Assistant, researching vulnerabilities in programmable network devices. Damu was recently awarded his PhD from the University of Bologna where he researched SDN and network monitoring in P4-enabled programmable data planes.

Radostin Stoyanov is a DPhil Student, researching accelerating applications with in-network computing. Radostin has been collaborating with the group for a while, is leading the MTPSA project, and is the Oxford-lead of the P4Pi project. Radostin received his MPhil from the University of Cambridge in 2020, and his MEng from University of Aberdeen in 2019.

Xinpeng Hong is a MSc(Res) student, researching in-network machine learning. Xinpeng has recently received his Bachelor’s degree from Tongji University, Shanghai.

Ho Lee is a 4th year MEng student in the department. For her 4YP, Ho Lee is exploring smart-transportation, combining aspects of in-network computing and control.


We are also sad to say goodbye to Devang Sehgal, who has recently completed his summer internship. Devang's code will soon be released as part of the NRG project!

Riyad Bensoussane has completed his internship as well, and stays as a 4th year MEng student, working on a 4YP in the area of in-network machine learning.


Other news and updates:

  • P4Pi was released and the P4Pi paper was published!
  • NetFPGA-Plus was released!
  • Changgang presented Planter at the ACM SIGCOMM 2021 posters session!
  • Prof Noa Zilberman was an invited panel member at the ACM SOSR 2021 conference.