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Tim Delport

Timothy Delport

Academic BackgroundTim Delport

Tim graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, with a first class BE (Hons) in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering, in November 2014. He has worked in both geotechnical and mine waste engineering in the Australian resource and transport sections before joining the University of Oxford in 2017 as a General Sir John Monash Scholar.

Research Interests and Background

Tim’s research interests at Oxford focus toward the geotechnical and hydraulic principles of geothermal, oil and gas systems.

His research background however is founded in mine waste (tailings) engineering, where he took a keen interest in investigating the dewatering of problematic clay-mineral-rich coal tailings, funded by the Australian Coal Association. His work has included the development of experimental testing suites to characterise the geotechnical and geochemical properties of mine waste solids and water, effecting tailings performance during dewatering processes including settling, filtration, coagulation, primary flocculation and secondary flocculation.