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Constitutive Modelling, Geotechnical Engineering

Constitutive Modelling

Research on constitutive modelling has mainly been undertaken within the Hyperplasticity framework. Hyperplasticity is an approach based on thermodynamics, where the entire constitutive behaviour is derived from two scalar potentials. The theory takes its roots in the work of Ziegler ("An Introduction to Thermomechanics", 1976), and was developed by G. T. Houlsby, in collaboration with A. M. Puzrin and I. F. Collins among others. 

Recent research contributions focusing on constitutive modelling for offshore application include: 

- The HARM model, which captures the ratcheting behaviour of monopiles in cohesionless soil subjected to large number of cycles,

- A total stress rate-dependent model for clay under cyclic loading developed by DPhil student Toby Balaam,

- An effective stress model for sand under cyclic loading under development by DPhil student Luc Simonin.