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Parallel Iwan Multi-Surface (PIMS) model, Geotechnical Engineering

Parallel Iwan Multi-Surface (PIMS) model

A project has recently been completed by D.Eng. student Scott Whyte, supervised by Profs. Burd and Martin, on the development of a total stress constitutive model – the ‘PIMS’ model - that is applicable to the analysis of foundation problems for undrained loading. The model was devised to ensure that it is suitable for a consultancy setting. It employs an ‘Iwan’ approach in which a set of relatively simple single-surface constitutive models are arranged in parallel; this provides a straightforward means of modelling the behaviour of soil when subjected to cyclic loading.

Work is underway on developing and implementing a cyclic model for sand, for applications in a consultancy setting.

Whyte, S., Burd, H.J., Martin, C.M. & Rattley, M. (2020) Formulation and implementation of a practical multi-surface soil plasticity model. Computers and Geotechnics (117) 103092