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About an Overseas Travel grant which supported the visit of Professor Manolis Chatzis to the Civil Engineering Department of KUL.

The Overseas Travel grant EP/W001098/1 supported the visit of M. N. Chatzis to the group of Prof. Geert Lombaert and Dr. Kristof Maes in the Structural Mechanics Section of the Civil Engineering Department of KUL.

The visit was from March to September of 2021. During the visit, the group monitored the KW51 railway bridge in Leuven Belgium and the data are made available in the above link. 7 triaxial field accelerometers from Oxford and 12 from KUL together with additional uniaxial accelerometers from KUL were used to monitor the brdige.

To obtain the password to the link please email: and use the title: KW51 OX-KUL data. 

The data are described in the downloaded folder in the document Navigation and Explanation of Data.

The KW51 bridge was previously monitored by Dr. Maes and Prof. Lombaert and related data of such past monitoring campaigns on the bridge can be found in: