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Wireless Data Acquisition Consoles Opaque

Non-Linear Dynamics


Group News

  • Currently attending EMI 2021, Columbia University, New York
  • 01/04/2021: Our former member, Dr. Xiaodong Shi joins the research group of Prof. Ivan Au at NTUS. Congratulations Xiaodong.
  • 08/03/2021-09/2021 Prof. Chatzis is visiting, Prof. Geert Lombaert's group at KU Leuven as a visiting Professor and recipient of a Network Fellowship.
  • Prof. Chatzis is elected Secretary of the EMI Dynamics Committee and Chair of the EMI Dynamics Committee Student Competition.
  • Prof. Chatzis was named outstanding Reviewer for the ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics:

Video presentations

Oxplore-Presentation on Earthquakes

A short discussion on Earthquake Engineering and Structural design for Oxplore

Link to Video:

Monitoring Vibrations in the Ashmolean Museum:

A description of our Vibration Monitoring Project with the Ashmolean museum

A presentation on the project by our collaborator, and Head of the Conservation Group in the Ashmolean, Daniel Bone