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Society of Oxford University Engineers (SOUE), University of Oxford

Society of Oxford University Engineers (SOUE)

The Society of Oxford University Engineers (SOUE) was founded in 1988 to enable past members of the Department of Engineering Science to keep in touch with each other and their former department. The aim of the Society was to advance the welfare and interests if the University and its alumni:

  1. Through the encouragement of closer relations between graduate members of the University who are or have been associated with the profession of engineering and between members of the Department, all one with the other, and through fostering the interests which they have in common; and
  2. By keeping members of the Society informed of the professional activities of one another and the activities of the Department and of issues which concern its welfare.

To carry out their aim, the SOUE set up the Jenkin Lecture in 1988 as a place for alumni to all join together in Oxford and find out about what has been happening at Engineering Science. The first lecture was given by Dr Alastair Howatson on “A Century of Oxford Engineering” and continues annually. Check out some of the recent Jenkin Lectures.

Wrapping up the Society

Following a change to the Society’s constitution in 2013, logistical organisation of the Jenkin Lecture and management of SOUE members passed to the department. A few years later at the 2020 SOUE annual general meeting, it was decided to pass all remaining responsibilities over to the department to continue the work with engaging alumni. We would all like to thank everyone who has been involved in the Society in some way over the past 32 years.