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Carbon Aware Networks Workshop Programme, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford



Workshop Programme

Tuesday, 19 September

10:00-11:00 Arrival and Registration 

11:00-11:15 Opening 

11:15-12:00 Presentations - Routing 

 Jonghoon Kwon (ETH) - Carbon-Aware Inter-Domain Networking Based on Path Awareness 

Sawsan El Zahr (Oxford) - Candidate Metrics for Carbon Efficient Routing (slides)

 James Madeley (Loughborough) - Carbon Reduction through Compact Routing (Lightning talk) (slides)

 Edwin Sutherland (Loughborough) - Why Inter-AS CAR metric should be different to intra-AS (Lightning talk) (slides)

12:00-12:45 “Speed dating” of participants 

12:45-13:30 Lunch break 

13:30-14:30 Presentations - Power

Itzik Kiselevsky (Broadcom) - Evolution of switches power consumption (slides)

Sébastien Rumley (HES-SO)- Lower bounds for internet traffic power consumption (slides)

Romain Jacob (ETH) - Does rate adaptation at daily timescales make sense? (slides)

Dan Rogers (Oxford) - Power electronics in computing systems (Lightning talk) (slides)

Jérémie Leguay (Huawei) - Energy-aware routing in IP networks (poster

14:30-15:30 Panel Discussion - Challenges and gaps

Panel Members: Ali Rezaki(Nokia), Srinivasan Keshav (University of Cambridge), Laura Watts (Linköping University / University of Edinburgh), Ross Kemp (BBC), Noa Zilberman (Moderator).

15:30-15:45 Coffee break

15:45-16:00 Lightning Talks

Srinivasan Keshav (Cambridge) - Computing system for processing of environmental monitoring measurements (slides)

Paul Shabajee (Bristol) - CarbonQuanDRIs and Other Thoughts (slides)

Franck Courbon (Ethicronics) - Greener electronics hardware, metrics, circularity and recyclability

16:00-17:30 Breakout Groups: Challenges, gaps and misconceptions. 

17:30-18:00 Groups' reports and Summary 

19:00 Formal dinner at Somerville College 


Wednesday, 20 September 

9:00-9:45 Discussion - How do we educate about network sustainability?

9:45-10:45 Panel Discussion - Standards and Policy

Panel Members: Colin Perkins (University of Glasgow), Victoria Wang (IEEE SA), Rick Taylor (Ori Industries), Tom Moran (Aspire Institute), Eve Schooler (Moderator).

10:45-11:00 Coffee break 

11:00-12:30 Breakout Groups: measurements, tools and standards 

12:30-13:30 Lunch break 

13:30-13:45 Groups' reports (measurements, tools and standards)

13:45-14:45 Presentations

David de la Osa Mostazo (Telefonica) - Sustainability on carrier transport networks - activities from Telefonica (slides)

Cristina Cano (UOC) - Problematizing the sustainability of 5G/6G networks and devising alternative ways forward (slides)

Michio Honda (Edinburgh) - System Efficiency as Carbon Awareness (slides)

Vladimir Marbukh  & Brian Cloteaux (NIST) -  Towards Mitigating Intermittency of Renewable Energy Supply in Large-Scale Computing Infrastructure with Job Replication (Lightning talk)  (slides)

Michael Berger (DTU) - Towards Greener 5G and Beyond Radio Access Networks (Lightning talk) (slides)

14:45-15:45 Breakout Groups: New ideas and forging collaborations 

15:45-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:30 Groups' reports and discussion

16:30-17:00 Closing & Free engagement time