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Grants, awards, and prizes

Research Grants

EPSRC: "Healthcare Wearables for Independent Living" (PI, £1.2m)
Wellcome Trust: "NLP and the ISARIC Global Health Resource" (Co-I, £1m)
Wellcome Trust: "Acquiring COVID-19 Data with Wearables" (Co-I, £500k)

ITC: "Centre for Cerebro-cardiovascular Engineering" (Assoc. Director, £30.3m)
EU: "MOIRA: Monitoring of Complex AI Systems" (Euro 4m)
NovoNordisk: "Wearables for Cardiometabolic Diseases" (Co-I, £1.2m)
MRC: "Identifying Genes for Musculoskeletal Diseases (Co-I, OU total £978k)
AstraZeneca: "AI for Estimating Vaccine Efficacy" (PI, £206k)
Apple: "Wearables for Health" (PI, £100k)

GlaxoSmithKline: "Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Disease" (PI, £550k)
EPSRC: "COVID-19 Bridge Funding" (PI, £184k)
NIHR: "PARADISE - Predicting AF in the ICU" (Co-I, OU total £1m)
EPSRC: "AI for Polymer Design" (Co-I, OU total £624k)
MLSTF: "CURIAL AI Test for COVID-19" (PI, £80k)

Wellcome Trust: "Innovations Flagship Centre" (Co-I, OU total £3.5m for first three years)
NIHR: "Healthcare Protection Research Unit" (Co-I, OU total £2.2m)

NIHR: "Tools for the Prediction of Growth of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm" (Co-I, £30k)

NIHR: "Oxford Biomedical Research Centre" (Theme Sub-Lead, IBME total £5.7m)
Chinese Government: "Oxford Suzhou Centre, OSCAR" (PI, £1.9m)
EPSRC: "Industrial Strategy Research Funding" (PI, total £120k - £90k from EPSRC)
EPSRC: "Machine Learning for Understanding Cardiovascular Disease" (Co-I, £70k)
EPSRC: "GCRF Institutional Sponsorship Grant" (Co-I, £30k)
RAEng: "GCRF Low-Cost Monitoring in the Philippines" (Co-I, £20k)
RAEng: "GCRF Falls Predicting in Rural China" (Co-I, £20k)
RAEng: "GCRF Tropical Diseases in Vietnam" (Co-I, £20k)

EPSRC: "Grand Challenge Award" (PI, total £2.2m - £1m from EPSRC)
EPSRC: "ASPIRE: Smart Home Systems" (PI, total £1.9m - £1.5m from EPSRC)
Gates Foundation: "Resistance Prediction for Tuberculosis" (Co-I, OU total £1.53m)
Wellcome Trust: "Resistance Prediction for Tuberculosis" (Co-I, OU total £4m)
EPSRC: "Intelligent Wearable Sensors for Predictive Monitoring" (Co-I, OU total £973k)
EPSRC: "NetworksPlus" (Co-I, total £621k)

DfID: "Improving Water Security for the Poor" (Co-I, OU total £15m)
Wellcome Trust / DoH: "Hospital Alerting via Electronic Noticeboard" (Co-I, OU total £1.8m)
NERC: "Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor" (Co-I, OU total £1.9m)
Wellcome Trust / DoH: "PICRAM Extension Funding" (Co-I, OU total £200k)
UNICEF: "Predictive Systems for Monitoring Handpumps" (PI, $260k)
NIHR: "Machine Learning for Haemodialysis Monitoring" (PI, £98k)
Wellcome Trust: "Learning e-Health Systems for Developing Regions" (Co-I, OU total £96k)
China Scholarship Council: "Doctoral Funding - Yanting Shen" (Supervisor, £92k)
IET / Balliol College: "Research Forum" (PI, £7.3k)
Wellcome Trust: "Tetanus Studies in Vietnam" (Co-I, OU total £4k)

Wellcome Trust: "Sleep & Circadian Neuroscience Institute" (Co-I*, OU total £8.53m)
China Mobile: "m-Health for Intelligent Health Monitoring" (PI*: £56k)
ARM, "Centre for Affordable Healthcare Technology" (Co-I, OU total £53k)
Malaysia Ministry of Education: "Fellowship Funding - Nazrul Nayan" (Supervisor, £34k)
Microsoft, "Modernising Medical Microbiology" (Co-I, OU total US$40k)
IET, "Chinese Research Forum" (PI, £4k)
Flanders Research Council, "Fellowship Funding - Stijn Luca" (Supervisor, £4k)
Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute: "Machine Learning for Tracking Infectious Disease" (PI, £3k)
EPSRC, "Vacation Project Funding" (PI, £2k)
Lubbock Trust Award, "Machine Learning for Tracking Infectious Disease" (PI, £1k)

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship (PI: £516k)
EU COST Award: "Algorithms & Architectures for Enhanced Living Environments" (Co-I, £505k)
NIHR: "Health Protection Research Unit", (Key Contributor, OU total £3.6m)
Huayi Corporation: "Research Studentship", (PI: £62k)
Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute: "m-Health for Child Healthcare in Guatemala" (PI, £3k)

*From Dr. Gari Clifford.


Prizes and Awards

[37] Fellowship of the Alan Turing Institute, 2021
[36] IEEE Best Paper in Medicine and Biology Prize 2021
[35] OCC Fellowship in AI & ML, Reuben College, Oxford, 2020
[34] Overseas Leading Talent Award, Government of China, 2020
[33] Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Prize, Overall Joint Winner, University of Oxford, 2018
[32] Fudan University, Distinguished Fellowship of Fudan University, 2018
[31] Best Paper Prize, IEEE Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2018
[30] Institute of Physics "Martin Black" Prize, 2017
[29] EPSRC "Future Leaders in Healthcare" Grand Challenge Award, 2016
[28] Institute of Physics "Martin Black" Prize, 2015
[27] Best Poster Prize, World Water Week, 2015
[26] Governing Body Fellowship, Balliol College, Oxford, 2014
[25] Best Paper Prize, International Medical Informatics Association, 2014
[24] Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, 2013
[23] Supernumerary Fellowship, Kellogg College, Oxford, 2013
[22] UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office South-East Asia Development Award, 2013
[21] Junior Research Fellowship, Mansfield College, Oxford, 2012
[20] IET J.A. Lodge Prize for Early-Career Researcher in Engineering, 2011
[19] French Mathematical Society Travel Award, 2011
[18] Best Overall Paper Prize, IEEE Biosignals, Valencia, Spain, 2010
[17] Best Paper Prize, ERCA, Dublin, Ireland, 2010
[16] IET William James prize, co-author, 2010
[15] IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Student Award, 2010
[14] W.K. Kellogg 3-year Doctoral Research Fellowship, 2009
[13] Abbey-Santander Doctoral Prize (University of Oxford), 2009
[12] Best Student Paper Prize, CM2008, Edinburgh, UK, 2008
[11] Science, Engineering & Technology (SET) Prize, UK Houses of Parliament, 2007
[10] EC Doctoral Student Prize in Complexity Science, 2007
[9] Best Paper Prize, Int. Soc. Applied Intelligence, 2007
[8] Institute of Physics SIDANET Postgraduate Prize, 2006

Undergraduate Prizes (before 2004)

[7] Hewlett-Packard European Research Laboratories Award
[6] University Graduation Prize for Electrical Engineering
[5] IEE National Scholarship
[4] Hewlett-Packard Prize for Electrical Engineering
[3] Shell Prize for Engineering
[2] Radstone Undergraduate Scholarship for Engineering Mathematics
[1] Engineering Council "Top Flight" Scholarship