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Mechanical Behaviour of Metal-Organic Framework Materials, Edited by J.C Tan

Royal Society of Chemistry -
Inorganic Materials Series

Publication date: 28/3/2023
Table of Contents [FREE]
Preface [FREE]
Chapter 1 (J.C. Tan, Oxford) - Fundamentals of MOF Mechanics & Structure-Mechanical Property Relationships
[FREE - First Chapter]
Chapter 2 (A. Marmier, UWE) - Anomalous Mechanical Behaviour Arising From Framework Flexibility
Chapter 3 (S.M.J. Rogge, Ghent) - Computational Modelling of MOF Mechanics: From Elastic Behaviour to Phase Transformations
Chapter 4 (S.A. Moggach & G.F. Turner, UWA) - High-Pressure Mechanical Behaviour Under Hydrostatic Compression
Chapter 5 (Y. Sun & H. Jiang, Birmingham) - Mechanical Energy Absorption of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Metal–Organic Framework Based Composites

Elsevier - Comprehensive Composite Materials II

E.M. Mahdi and J.C. Tan*, Chapter 4.22: "Metal–Organic Framework Based Composites".
In: Beaumont, P.W. R. and Zweben, C.H. (eds.), Comprehensive Composite Materials II. vol. 4, pp. 525–553. Oxford: Academic Press (2018).

*Contact Prof. Tan if you wish to receive a copy for non-commercial research and educational use.