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MMC Lab Doctorl Thesis

Doctoral Thesis (DPhil/PhD)

(11) Michele Tricarico, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2023): "Nanomechanical Behaviour of the Monolithic Framework Solids: An Experimental and Modelling Study" [PDF]

(10) Annika F. Möslein, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2022): "Engineering Optoelectronics and Smart Sensors Leveraging Metal-Organic Framework Materials" [PDF]

(9) Yang Zhang, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2022): "Luminescent Metal-Organic Framework and its Polymer Composites for Photonic Sensing Technology" [PDF]

(8) Arun S. Babal, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2021): "Metal-organic framework materials for low-k dielectrics and selective sensing applications" [PDF]

(7) Barbara E. Souza, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2020): "Novel nanocomposites integrating MOFs for biomedical engineering". [PDF]

(6) Kirill Titov, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2019): "Towards practical metal-organic framework materials: Operando and in situ studies by leveraging synchrotron and neutron sources" [PDF]

(5) Zhixin Zeng, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2018): "Quantitative studies of the nanoscale mechanical properties of metal-organic framework materials" [PDF]

(4) Siqi Ying (co-supervisor), DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2018): "On the mesoscale plasticity of nickel-based superalloy single crystals" [PDF]

(3)  Matthew R. Ryder, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2017): “Physical phenomena in metal-organic frameworks: mechanical, vibrational, and dielectric response” [PDF]

(2) Abhijeet K. Chaudhari, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2017): “Nanoscale engineering of guest@host metal-organic framework materials for optoelectronic properties” [PDF]

(1) Mahdi E. Mahmoud, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2017): “Thermo-mechanical performance and novel applications of nanocomposites incorporating metal-organic frameworks” [PDF]

(0) Jin-Chong Tan, PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge (2005): "Thermo-electrical properties of metallic sandwich sheets and their resistance welding characteristics" [PDF]