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MMC Lab Patents


  • Oxford University Innovation, Project No. 21136: "Metal-organic framework (MOF) based triboelectric energy harvester", UK Patent Application No. 2219095.3 (Filed 16 Dec 2022) 

                 [Available to License] [PDF]

  • Oxford University Innovation, Project No. 17133: "Eco-MOFs: Eco-friendly method to produce designer metal-organic frameworks for low cost sensors", UK Patent Application No. 2002886.6 (Filed 28 Feb 2020)

[Exclusive licensing] [PDF]

  • "Functional material including metal-organic framework, method of preparing the same, and photochemical sensor including the same"

US Patent 10,914,681B2 - Patent No. US 10,914,681; 2021-02-09

European Patent EP3272834B1 (29 Apr 2020)

South Korea Patent - Awarded Patent No. KR 10-2601057; 2023-11-07

  • "Multifunctional supramolecular hybrids encompassing hierarchical self-ordering of metal-organic framework nanoparticles and method of preparing same"

US Patent 10,676,488B2 (9 June 2020)

European Patent EP20150198499 (15 June 2016)

  • Oxford University Innovation, Project No. 13774: "MOFs for application in photochemical sensing" 

  • Oxford University Innovation, Project No. 12212: "Self-Assembled Metal Organic Frameworks"