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Dr Kok Siew Ng nominated for the Oxford Vice-Chancellor's Environmental Sustainability Staff Award 2022

The University of Oxford held its seventh Environmental Sustainability awards ceremony, hosted by the Vice Chancellor, Dame Professor Louise Richardson. Roughly 150 staff and students from across the University came together at the Sheldonian Theatre to recognise and celebrate their contributions toward the University’s strategic environmental goals. 

Dr Kok Siew Ng at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford was nominated for the University of Oxford Vice-Chancellor's Environmental Sustainability Staff Award in 2022 for his contribution in actively promoting environmental sustainability through his research vision, which develops sustainable solutions from a systems engineering perspective. He is also involved in a project that explores innovative approaches to address challenges in organic waste management and achieving a circular economy.


“It has been a truly wonderful and inspirational experience for me being able to work with brilliant colleagues in Oxford and passionate researchers around the world in addressing one of the most pressing global challenges – tackling organic waste and minimising the environmental impact, using a systems approach. I am proud to be part of Oxford and be able to contribute to various education and research initiatives in realising its ambition in transitioning towards sustainable consumption and production and achieving net-zero target.”