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Environmental and Biological Systems Engineering

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Systems Engineering Research

Environmental and Biological Systems Engineering

Professor Aidong Yang

Sustainable provision of energy, water, food, and other goods and services poses significant challenges to our society, calling for innovations at both the technology level and the systems level. Our work is aimed to further develop concepts and approaches in process systems engineering and industrial ecology, to enhance our understanding of the challenges from a systems perspective and to devise methods and tools for improving the production systems in a holistic manner. The environmental solutions we are interested in often involve the use of biological approaches which we strive to develop from a mathematical modelling perspective in collaboration with experimentalists.

Research Group Members

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr Liam Bullock

DPhil students

Till Weidner
Ao Fu
Nadja Yang
Alli Devlin
Sizhe Qiu
Liyuan Chen
Jinyuan Zhang

Past members

Gloria Lam (DPhil 2017-2021; co-supervised with Prof. Cui)
Ziming Yang (DPhil 2017-2021)
Chao Chen (DPhil 2017-2021; co-supervised with Prof. Banares-Alcantara)
Dr Lei Xing(PDRA 2018-2020)
Hong Zeng (DPhil 2016-2020)
Bo Han Zhang (DPhil 2015-2019; co-supervised with Prof. Ye)
Sihao Di (DPhil 2015-2019)
Dr Hans Veldhuis (PDRA 2016-2018)
Evie Gui (MRes 2014-2016, co-supervised with Prof. Cui)
Dr Elias Martinez Hernandez (PDRA 2014-2016)

Research Topics