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Upcoming Seminars

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All Seminars will start at 1300hrs in LR7, IEB unless otherwise stated.  Lunch provided outside LR7 at 12.30.  Tea/Coffee and discussion at 1400hrs
Current Control Seminars
Monday 9 October:  Professor Wolfram Wiesemann, Imperial College Business School "Large-scale and data-driven Markov decision processes" [ABSTRACT] 
Monday 30 October: Dr Dushyant Rao, DeepMind, Oxford Robotics Institute "RoboCat: A Self-Improving Foundation Agent for Robotic Manipulation" [ABSTRACT]
Monday 6 November: Yana Lishkova, Student Seminar "Title tbc" [ABSTRACT]
Monday 13 November:  Dr Giuseppe De Giacomo, University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science "Title tbc" [ABSTRACT]
Monday 27 November:  Dr Maria Papathanasiou, Imperial College London "Title tbc" [ABSTRACT]