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Control Group Research


Leading in theoretical development and applications of Control.
Examples of applied control work

Applied Control

Control engineering is foundational to technology development in the 21st century. The group collaborates with industry and academic partners on applications of control ranging from the Diamond Light Source Synchrotron to electric vehicle charging to robotics to biotechnology.


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Examples of optimisation applications.


Group members working in optimisation develop new algorithms and software tools to solve mathematical problems quickly and efficiently. These tools widely used in industry and science in applications ranging from aerospace to game theory.


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Chi.Bio robotic experimentation platform


Biotechnology is a rapidly growing area of control inquiry. Members of the group working in biotechnology analyse and design synthetic biological control systems, and develop new hardware platforms to enable new experimental studies.


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Example of network


Networked systems - such as the internet - are ubiquitous in the modern world. Members of the Control Group are developing theory and analysis tools for complex networks, which are applied to technologies such as Internet of Things, power networks, and smart infrastructure.


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Examples of work on instrumentation


Members of the group develop instrumentation and control technologies that are used widely for industrial processes - such as jet engine safety monitoring (in partnership with Rolls Royce) and flow measurement for petrochemicals.


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Industrial and Academic Collaborators

Control group collaborators.