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Research Interests

Academic Staff

Dr Marko Bacic Flow control, turbomachinery, aerospace
Prof Mark Cannon Model predictive control, optimal control, optimisation
Prof Stephen Duncan Applied / high-dimensional / uncertain control
Dr Konstantinos Gatsis Networked systems, internet of things, security and privacy
Prof Paul Goulart Robust and high-speed optimisation
Prof Kostas Margellos Optimisation, uncertain and networked Systems
Prof Antonis Papachristodoulou Sum of squares optimisation, systems / synthetic biology
Prof Harrison Steel Biotechnology, cybergenetics, applied control

Invensys UTC for Advanced Instrumentation

Prof Manus Henry Flow measurement, Instrumentation
Dr Michael Tombs Flow measurement, Instrumentation
Dr Febiao Zhou Flow measurement, Instrumentation

Research Fellows

Dr Ross Drummond Energy Storage, Nonlinear Systems

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Filippo Fabiani Control and optimization of uncertain, complex systems
Dr Filiberto Fele Game theory, smart infrastructures

D.Phil Students

Emmanouil Alexis Systems & Control Theory, SynBio
Yuwen Chen Conic Programming, Large-Scale SDP
Simona Della Valle Synthetic Biology, Biomanufacturing
Martin Doff-Sotta Model Predictive Control, Optimisation, Autonomous Vehicles
Michael Garstka Large-Scale Convex Optimisation
Miroslav Gasparek SynBio, Biomolecular Feedback Systems, Data-Driven Control
Patrick Green SynBio, Plant Sciences
Idris Kempf Structured Systems, Applied Control
Sophie Lekas 3D printing, Applied control
Boon Lim Synthetic Biology, Bacterial Therapy, Biosensors
Yana Lishkova Structure-preserving Optimal Control, Spacecraft Control
Xiaonan Lu Model Predictive Control, Adaptive Control, Optimisation
Matthew Newton Neural Network Robustness, Sum of Squares Optimisation
Zhoudan Pan Distributed optimisation and control, swarm robots and power systems
George Pantazis Control and Optimisation of uncertain multi-agent systems
Steffen Ridderbusch Adaptive Control, Machine Learning
Licio Romao Optimisation, Networked Systems
Carolin Schulte Systems & Synthetic Biology. Plant-Microbe Interactions
Nikolaus Vertovec Reachability Analysis, Optimal Control, Optimisation
Han Wang Optimisation, Optimal Control, Robot Planning
Shuhao Yan Model Predictive Control, Robust and Stochastic Optimisation
Lisa Zillig Synthetic Biology, Plant Sciences

Administrative Team

Sara Kingsbury