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Manus Henry


Manus Henry BSc DPhil FinstMC

Associate Professor


Dr Manus Henry completed a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science (1984) and a DPhil in Computer Science (1987) at the University of York.

He joined the Department in Oxford in 1987, carrying out full-time research in industrial sensor validation, with a particular focus on Coriolis mass flow metering. The group has enjoyed strong industrial partnership, with a University Technology Centre sponsored by Invensys (now Schneider Electric) between 1999 and 2015.

Other Roles

Manus is also the associate editor of the Flow Measurement and Instrumentation journal.

He is a member of the BEIS Programme Expert Group for the National Measurement System Flow Metrology Programme, a network of laboratories which is responsible for maintaining good measurement practice and enables UK businesses to make accurate and traceable measurements.

Awards and achievements

Manus' research group was Awarded the Wheatstone Measurement Prize by the IET and NPL in 2007 for its Coriolis work.

Research Interests

Manus’ current research interests arise from an underlying theme of self-validating sensors and systems.

With Coriolis mass flow meters, using advanced signal processing, self-validation and control has significantly extended the operations of these devices, for example to measure liquid/gas mixtures (including oil/water/gas for upstream oil and gas applications). I work with industry to develop prototypes, field demonstrators and new products.

He is also developing Prism signal processing, a recursive FIR technique, which has a number of advantages over conventional FIR and IIR methods. This has been applied in Coriolis metering to measure for the first time the mass flow rate of individual fuel injection pulses for internal combustion engines, working in association with the Combustion and Engines Group.

Prism has very broad potential applications. For example, he is working on pressure sensor validation and condition monitoring of rotating machinery, in collaboration with the South Ural State University, where he is Head of Laboratory at the Scientific Research Laboratory of Equipment and Systems Self-Validation.

Research Groups

Current Projects

Next Generation Coriolis Mass Flow Metering

Developing new capabilities and applications.

Fuel Injection Monitoring

Using Coriolis metering to determine the mass of each fuel injection event for internal combustion engines.

Prism Signal Processing

Developing filtering, signal tracking and fault detection techniques using the Prism.