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The High Speed Turbomachinery Group research and people involved

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High Speed Turbomachinery Group

Our Research

The High Speed Turbomachinery Group, led by Prof. Tom Povey, conducts combined theoretical, computational and experimental work in the following areas:

  • Turbine performance
  • Turbine capacity measurement
  • Nozzle guide vane rotor cooling optimisation
  • Combustor turbine interaction effects
  • Measurement techniques in turbines
  • High speed facility design
  • Aerodynamic probe design and calibration

We are also interested in advanced instrumentation for flow measurement. The following areas are of particular interest:

  • Measurements of angle in highly swirling flows (such as in modern combustors)
  • Measurement of flow (Mach, Temperature, Angle) in aggressive environments
  • High frequency temperature measurements in highly unsteady (turbine) environments
  • Minature probes for measurements in moderately (M < 2) supersonic flow
  • Advanced IR camera techniques for metal effectiveness measurements.