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The Physical Acoustics Lab research and people involved

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Physical Acoustics

Our Research

The Physical Acoustics Lab (PacLab) is focused on the physics of sound generation, detection, and propagation in the context of underwater sound, industrial ultrasonics, and biomedical acoustics. A particular emphasis of our portfolio is the physical, chemical, and biological effects of acoustic cavitation. This includes sonochemistry, and both single and muiti-bubble sonoluminescence. Another important aspect of our ongoing work has to do with photo-acoustics and acousto-optics, that is, the interaction of light and sound. We have several projects ongoing in this area as well as in partnership with the Rosalind Franklin Institute and Oscar-Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research.

Acousto-optic  -  Bioeffects of ultrasound  -  Cavitation  -  Contrast agents  -  Nonlinear acoustics

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