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34th Jenkin Lecture 2021: 'Applications of Machine Learning'



Date & Time

Saturday 18 Sep 2021 15:30 - Saturday 18 Sep 2021 18:00


Oxford Engineering Science Alumni and staff

The Jenkin Lecture showcases the innovative and diverse nature of the research within the Department of Engineering Science. It is held each year as part of the University's 'Meeting Minds' programme for Oxford Alumni. Meeting Minds will run from 13-14 September this year.

The theme for this year's Jenkin Lecture is 'Applications of Machine Learning'

34th Jenkin Lecture:

'21st Century Industry, Commerce and Science: the Age of Intelligent Algorithms'

Professor Stephen Roberts FIET FREng CEng CPhys, Royal Academy of Engineering / Man Group Chair in Machine Learning

We live in an era dominated by data and algorithms. The rapid rise of artificial intelligence is as impressive as it is frightening. From playing games against us to making decisions about us and displacing us in the job market, we cannot escape the impact AI is having on our everyday lives. As well as the social impact of algorithms, AI is leading a revolution in science, industry and commerce. It helps make commercial processes more efficient, underpins intelligent automation in industry and enables us to learn more about the world around us.

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Research Showcase: Applications of Machine Learning

‘Machine learning at the frontiers of quantum devices’

Natalia Ares, Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Oxford







'Data-driven urban science'

Associate Professor Xiaowen Dong, Fellow and Tutor in Engineering at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford





Provisional Timetable for Jenkin 2021


Introduction from Professor Martin Booth, Associate Head of Department


Presentation from final-year project prize winner Katherine Greatwood: Novel Weighted A* Footstep Planner for Quadruped Robot Over Rough Terrain


Research Showcase: Applications of Machine Learning

15:55-16:25 – Mini talk 1

16:25-16:55 – Mini talk 2




34th Jenkin Lecture: 21st Century Industry, Commerce and Science: the Age of Intelligent Algorithms
Professor Stephen Roberts