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MPLS Women in STEM Networking Event 2022


Oxford Town Hall

Date & Time

Monday 24 Jan 2022 18.00 - Monday 24 Jan 2022 20.00


Open to all

The event provides a chance to meet Oxford's Women in Science, Engineering and Maths societies, speak with inspiring women and find out more about the many University support networks available.

Engineers taking part so far:

Professor Barbara Rossi (Structural Engineering)

We usually perceive steel as this warhorse from the industrial age but, look around you, steel is everywhere, present in many aspects of our lives, and, most importantly, it is one of the key engineering and construction materials. Over one-quarter of steel produced annually is used in the construction of buildings. Part of the response to today’s societal challenges in the building industry lies in a more rational use of steel in structures. Let me tell you why. 

Yana Lishkova (DPhil Student, Control Engineering)

Optimization-based control of flexible satellites.


The Women in STEM networking event is run on behalf of:

  • OxWoCS (Oxford Women in Computer Science)
  • Women in Engineering
  • Women in Zoology
  • Women in Physics
  • Mirzakhani Society (Maths)
  • Women in Chemistry
  • Women in Materials
  • OxWest (Oxford Women in Engineering, Science and Technology)