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MPLS Women in STEM Networking Event 2022


Oxford Town Hall

Date & Time

Monday 25 Apr 2022 18.00 - Monday 25 Apr 2022 20.30


Open to all

The event provides a chance to meet Oxford's Women in Science, Engineering and Maths societies, speak with inspiring women and find out more about the many University support networks available.

Engineers taking part:

Dr Ping Lu, Post-Doctoral Researcher (Biomedical Engineering)

Fatal infectious diseases are still prevalent in lower middle-income countries, including in Vietnam. Tetanus diseases are severe infectious diseases that causes the autonomic nervous system dysfunction and muscle spasms and stiffness. The electrocardiogram (ECG) provides a crucial signal for detecting the deterioration of tetanus patient health in hospitals. Unfortunately, measuring ECG signals requires expensive bedside monitors and finding investment in Vietnam for these devices is challenging.

Therefore, we are using a low-cost wearable monitor to wirelessly collect the cardiac rhythm with a 1-lead ECG. Using these collected data, we develop a warning tool with deep learning to automatically quick sort tetanus patients and reduce the overloaded staffing situation. Experiments demonstrate a good performance of the proposed method in tetanus classification.  

Yana Lishkova DPhil Student (Control Engineering)

To provide a wide range of services across the globe, satellites are often equipped with various flexible appendages such as solar panels, antennas and mechanical manipulators. In recent years the demand for improvements in satellite functionality and efficiency has led to more lightweight and flexible structure designs operating under stringent performance, positioning and energy usage requirements. Unfortunately even the simplest attitude maneuvers are capable of creating vibrations in the flexible structures, causing loss of accuracy, decreased performance or even structural damage.

This constitutes a challenging control problem. In this talk I will focus on the research methods which we have developed to provide robust optimal control which respects the safety-critical constraints while maximizing the system’s performance at a reduced computational cost.  

The Women in STEM networking event is run on behalf of:

  • OxWoCS (Oxford Women in Computer Science)
  • Women in Engineering
  • Women in Zoology
  • Women in Physics
  • Mirzakhani Society (Maths)
  • Women in Chemistry
  • Women in Materials
  • OxWest (Oxford Women in Engineering, Science and Technology)