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Network Resilience in a Decarbonising World



Date & Time

Wednesday 23 Nov 2022 - Wednesday 23 Nov 2022

The International Community for Local Smart Grids invites organisations from across the energy sector (including Distribution Network Operators and community social enterprises) to join in its inaugural virtual event, showcasing recent findings on network resilience. Resulting from changing climate, electricity systems around the world are facing unprecedented challenges from natural hazards and will continue to do so, year on year. Within just the past year, numerous record-breaking storms, floods, and heatwaves have tested our network infrastructure and left many of our communities worldwide without power and vulnerable to the subsequent impacts. Climate change necessitates action to ensure our networks are not only resilient, but are delivered through smart, low-carbon technologies. Working together with local communities, it will be the role of Distribution Network Operators to enable a smart, net zero energy system. By decarbonising our electricity system smartly, we not only tackle the cause of climate change but also provide opportunities for evolving smart operational strategies to boost resilience and combat the challenges extreme events present.

This event will provide an unprecedented opportunity for innovative Distribution Network Operators, community social enterprises and other actors within the energy sphere to come together to share insights and learnings from on-the-ground experience responding to extreme events and innovation projects. The University of Oxford will present key insights from their latest Network Resilience research and will chair a panel discussion. The event will also provide an opportunity for attendees to network with organisations across the world.

The global nature of the community means that we will host two sessions, this will enable organisations from around the globe to tune into at least one. The sessions will be mirrored in structure, but naturally the discussions will be guided by those in attendance for each session. Please sign up to attend whichever timeslot works for you.

The International Community for Local Smart Grids is an ambitious 5-year knowledge sharing programme to promote, support and advance the critical role of smart grids in securing a fair transition to net zero. We are a partnership of innovative electricity Distribution Network Operators, community social enterprises and research partners. Convened by the University of Oxford, the partnership places smart grids at the centre of this transition to bridge the gap between international targets, local ambition and decarbonisation, whilst maintaining network resilience. Founding partners include Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Ausgrid, the Enel Foundation and Low Carbon Hub.

Australasia, Asia and Oceania - 10am-11.30 AEDT - REGISTER

UK, Europe and Americas - 2.30-3.30 GMT - REGISTER