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Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar


Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus

Date & Time

Saturday 03 Feb 2024 09.30 - Saturday 03 Feb 2024 16.00


Fun for all the family and most suitable for 5-16 years

Some of our researchers will be taking part in the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar 2024 - FREE, family-friendly fun at Oxford Brookes Headington Campus

There will be a relaxed autism-friendly early opening, 9:30am-11:30am, for those who prefer a quieter festival experience.

The event is open to all from 11:30am-4pm. Get involved with over 50 hands-on activities and explore
science in the widest possible terms!

Fighting bacteria with sound – Dr Sara Keller

We rely on bacteria to do lots of things for us, including to help us digest nutrients and to make some of our favourite foods (bread and cheese, anyone?). But sadly, there are some bad bacteria that can also make us sick, and worse, bacteria are really good at protecting themselves from antibiotics. Can we use sound to help out? Come by and learn about why we need to make antibiotics better and how ultrasound might be the solution!

Optical Wonders: Exploring the Magic of Light and Illusions - Maike Lenze

Optics is the science of light and vision, and its applications are woven into our daily experiences. From the colours we see in nature to the technology that powers our devices, optics is a gateway to understanding the world around us. Whether it's the beauty of a rainbow, the functionality of mirrors, or the precision of lasers, optics plays a crucial role in shaping our everyday encounters.