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Spotlight: Illuminating Engineering


Old Fire Station, Oxford

Date & Time

Wednesday 26 Apr 2023 19:00 - Wednesday 26 Apr 2023 21:00


Free event, booking required. Age guide: 14+

Revealing the ground-breaking research that is helping to improve our lives and expand our horizons

If you think engineering is all about building bridges and skyscrapers, this show is for you! If you want to know how engineers are helping to tackle climate change and antiomicrobial resistance, this show is for you! If you want to learn how engineering can help us reach Mars… you get the picture!

Hear from some of Oxford’s most innovative and enthusiastic engineers how advances are being made in diagnosing and treating diseases and infections…. how combustion engines could actually contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases… how thermodynamics are making the dream of reaching Mars more of a reality…. and how understanding ketchup splatters could help us predict volcanic eruptions!

After seven short illuminating TEDx style talks, you’ll be ready to astound your friends and family with the answers to these fascinating conundrums:

  • Why does ketchup splatter, and why is it important?
  • Can we use sound to eliminate infections?
  • Could the humble bubble provide a cure for respiratory diseases?
  • How can we save spacecraft travelling at hypersonic speeds from a fiery end?
  • Can AI help diagnose infectious diseases with a cheap wearable monitor?
  • How can the internal combustion engine actually HELP to achieve Net Zero? • Can robots help us harness the power of microbes to produce recyclable plastic?


Duration: 2 hours, with an interval