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DPhil represents youth constituency at Asia-Pacific Climate Week ahead of COP26

Alli Devlin contributes as a panellist on Green Hydrogen at regional climate conference


DPhil student Alli Devlin

DPhil student Alli Devlin

The 2021 Asia-Pacific Climate Week aimed to construct a meaningful platform for the region to collaborate and converse around integrating climate action into global pandemic recovery. It was held online from 6-9th July, hosted by the Government of Japan alongside the global organizing partners - UNEP, UNFCCC, UNDP, and World Bank - in the lead up to the UN Climate Change Conference COP 26.

DPhil student Alli Devlin, representing YOUNGO (the youth constituency to the UNFCCC), was a panelist on the session "Unlocking Green Hydrogen's Potential in the Asia-Pacific". Devlin’s research focuses on the decarbonisation of steel supply chains using green hydrogen as a direct reductant, shipping fuel, and energy vector. Devlin says, “The Australia-Japan binational partnership is central to the work, undertaking a techno-economic assessment of the proposed zero-carbon energy system.”

“[S]haring knowledge and discussing solutions are a critical part of the climate solution. “

Of the conference experience Devlin remarks, “It was very humbling to be included in the panel, in the company of esteemed professionals from UNFCCC, IRENA, Singapore’s Prime Minister Office and MENA Hydrogen Alliance. APCW2021 offered a dynamic platform to engage with individuals throughout the region, with common passion in accelerating the transition to net zero. The experience emphasised the importance of regional and global conversations; sharing knowledge and discussing solutions are a critical part of the climate solution. “

“Mr Lee, Hydrogen Director at POSCO, a world-leading steel company, professed that “Demand is a function of collaboration.” This statement resonated with me – the value chain of any product must support and nurture the decarbonisation paradigm shift. Private-public sector alliances are critical to change. “

Discussions such as these are critical for taking action sooner on time sensitive decisions, “[I enjoyed the] dynamic conversations with thought-leaders and pragmatic changemakers. Frank Wouters, Chairman of MENA Hydrogen Alliance, steered the conversation to asset longevity and the importance of investing in zero-carbon technology in the next decade. There is only one more investment round before 2050, hence we must avoid carbon lock-in with dirty infrastructure exceeding 20-year lifetimes.“

“If our voices can be heard, change may be accelerated.”

The conference and panel sessions provided a platform to increase awareness of Devlin’s research, “I am highly attuned to the importance of leveraging regional/global platforms to turn academic insights into real-world change. Webinars draw an audience many magnitudes larger than journal article readership. If our voices can be heard, change may be accelerated.”

Moving forward, Devlin adds, “My supervisor, Professor Aidong Yang, and I’s article focussed on Australia-Japan green steel supply chains will soon be submitted to a journal for review, with subsequent articles already forming. “

“The APCW conversations have without doubt enriched my understanding of green hydrogen’s power in a decarbonised economy, and the necessity for green steel to build on this momentum. In turn, I hope that my contributions offered insights from an academic and youth perspective.”