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Oxford Engineering DPhil Student Awarded Prize at BSSM Annual Conference

Engineering DPhil student Peihao Song was awarded the runner-up prize for a conference paper and presentation on thermomechanical characterisation techniques and optical imaging

Peihao Song at conference

The British Society for Strain Measurement (BSSM) sits at the interface between industry, academia and the wider engineering community and promotes their interaction to ensure the wide dissemination of new ideas and best practices in the field of engineering measurement. The BSSM's 17th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics took place at the University of Glasgow between 30 August and 1 September 2023.

Engineering DPhil student Peihao Song was invited to participate in the BSSM Young Stress Analyst (YSA) Competition, where his presentation ‘Compression Behaviour of Short Glass Fibre Reinforced Polycarbonate Composite at Varying Rates during Large Strain Deformation’ showed thermomechanical characterisation techniques used in high strain rate tests accompanied with advanced optical imaging measurements developed in Professor Clive Siviour’s group, Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering. Peihao expressed what the award meant to him;

"This award has given me greater confidence to continue my research in this field and achieve even better achievements."

Further information of these techniques can be found in recent papers [1, 2].

A non-profit founded in 1964, the BSSM provides support for early career development through the Young Members group. Peihao was awarded the runner-up prize for the annual Young Stress Analyst competition which runs alongside the soceity’s main conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics. Entrants submit a summary of their research, and four finalists are selected to present their work to a panel of judges with finalists progressing into key positions in academia and industry.

[1] P Song, AR Trivedi, CR Siviour*, Mechanical response of four polycarbonates at a wide range of strain rates and temperatures 2023, Polymer Testing, 107986

[2] P Song*, DJ Chapman, A Graham, CR Siviour, Compression behaviour of short glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate composite at varying rates during large strain deformation 2023, 17th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics