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Professor Manolis Chatzis is ‘Outstanding Reviewer’ for Journal of Engineering Mechanics

Recognition by journal editors for reviewers based on quality and timeliness of reviews during the past year

Manolis Chatzis on background

Professor Manolis Chatzis

Associate Professor of Engineering Science Manolis Chatzis has been recognized as a 2019 Outstanding Reviewer by the ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

ASCE reviewers voluntarily apply their expertise and time to ensure that articles submitted to the ASCE library of journals are timely and worthy of inclusion. Each year journal editors select up to ten reviewers for the award, based on the quality and timeliness of their reviews during the past year. In 2019 three reviewers were selected for the Journal of Engineering Mechanics: Professor Chatzis along with Ye Xia (University of Florida) and Dimitiros Konstantinidis (UC Berkeley).

The Journal of Engineering Mechanics of ASCE, which covers the latest activities in the field of applied mechanics, is viewed as one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Engineering Mechanics. Several fundamental contributions to mechanics have been presented in the journal over its long service to the scientific community.

Since 2012 Professor Chatzis has been reviewing a broad range of papers related to mechanics, dynamics and earthquake engineering. He says, ”I consider being assigned as a Reviewer for a paper an honour. I believe that the role of a Reviewer is one of the most important services to a scientific community. I treat the process of reviewing with respect and dedicate the necessary attention and effort so that my reviews are beneficial to the scientific community and the Authors”.

Manolis' work at the Department is focused on the study of Dynamic Systems that exhibit Non-Linearities. Within that framework, the directions of modelling, testing, identifying and mitigating the response of such systems are of interest. Current areas of research include Structural Health Monitoring and Vibration Monitoring and Modeling Non-Linear Dynamic Systems.

The Journal of Engineering Mechanics hosted Professor Chatzis’ first journal publication, and is affiliated to the Dynamics and Structural Health Monitoring committees of the Engineering Mechanics Institute, of which he is a member. He adds, “It is the first journal I reviewed for. It is a great honour for me to receive this distinction for my services as a reviewer to a very important journal in our field”.