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Welcome to the new academics who joined the Department in Michaelmas Term 2023

Professor Thomas Morstyn - a white man, Dr Emma Edwards - a white woman, Dr Kawsar Ali - a brown man.

Left to Right: Professor Thomas Morstyn, Dr Emma Edwards, Dr Kawsar Ali

Dr Kawsar Ali joined the Department in 2018 as a Post-Doctoral Researcher with the Power Electronics Group. In October 2023 he became a Departmental Lecturer in Medical Power Electronics. Kawsar works in a broad range of power electronics applications – starting from microwatt-scale energy harvesting for the Internet of Things (IoT), through kilowatts of power conditioning for data centre and electric vehicle applications, and up to megawatt-scale pulsed-power processing for biomedical applications.

Dr Emma Edwards joined the Department in October 2023 as the Career Development Fellow in Engineering at St Peter's College. She is a fluid dynamist with research expertise in analytical, numerical and physical modelling. Emma's research interests are centered around offshore renewable energy, with particular interests in wave-structure interaction of floating bodies, with applications to wave energy and floating offshore wind.

Dr Iro Laina joined the Visual Geometry Group at the University of Oxford as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in 2020 and became a Departmental Lecturer in Computer Vision in December 2023. Her research focuses on developing perception systems for understanding images, videos, and the 3D world, via unsupervised and language-supervised learning.

Thomas Morstyn joined the Department in November 2023 as Associate Professor in Power Systems and Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College. His research is focused on the design of control systems and markets to enable the large-scale integration of distributed power system flexibility. Thomas also collaborates with economists, computer scientists and social scientists to incorporate new advances from areas including game theory, machine learning and quantum computing, and to study the wider impacts and policy implications of new power system technologies.