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Aadarsh Mishra


Aadarsh Mishra BEng

DPhil Student

TEL: 07440318764
COLLEGE: St Peter's College


Aadarsh graduated with a First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Cardiff University. He has previously worked as a Project Associate at IIT Delhi on a Ministry of Defense project and as a Research and Development Engineer at Alesi Surgical Limited, Cardiff.

Aadarsh was supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA) to work on the DPhil project “Passive Acoustic Mapping for Monitoring Burst Wave Lithotripsy” under the supervision of Prof. Robin Cleveland.

Research Interests

  • Mechanical characterisation of porcine tissues and agarose hydrogels.
  • Application of viscoelastic models.
  • Monitoring tissue damage using Passive Acoustic Mapping.

Current Projects

Passive Acoustic Mapping For Monitoring Burst Wave Lithotripsy.

Research Groups



Conference presentations:

  • Aadarsh Mishra and Robin O Cleveland “Rheological properties of porcine kidney tissue: measurements and fractional viscoelastic model” at the Annual European Rheology Conference (April 2021)
  • Aadarsh Mishra and Robin O Cleveland “Mechanical characterisation of porcine heart, liver and brain: measurements and viscoelastic model” at the BioMedEng21 Conference (September 2021, University of Sheffield)
  • Aadarsh Mishra and Robin O Cleveland “Agarose as a tissue mimic for porcine organs: measurements and viscoelastic model” at the 18th European Mechanics of Materials Conference (April 2022, University of Oxford)
  • Aadarsh Mishra, Martin Hossack, Riaz Akhtar and Robin O Cleveland “Viscoelastic assessment of the porcine aorta across two length scales” at the BioMedEng22 conference (September 2022, University College London)
  • Aadarsh Mishra, Robin O Cleveland and Riaz Akhtar “Agarose as a tissue mimic for porcine kidney at micro-scale” at the BioMedEng23 conference (September 2023, Swansea University)